Because We’re Bored…

Ryan and I were talking this morning about how we can’t wait for training camp to start, which will obviously give us some actual football to analyze and discuss.

So while we’re waiting, here’s something completely random for your possible enjoyment: it’s my autographed photo of James Harrison bodyslamming that poor soul who dared run on the field in Cleveland during that Christmas Eve beat down late in the 2005 season.

My uncle came across the picture (as well as the certificate of authenticity) a couple of years ago, framed it himself and submitted into our yearly Christmas grab bag. After a few fist fights, bloody noses and headlocks, I emerged from the pile as the victor. It is, without question, the coolest piece of Steelers merchandise that I own.

That said … anybody have any cool pieces of memorabilia in their collections? Share them, we’d love to see them and hear about them.

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  • SteelerBill

    My Dad and Uncle brought me down to Three Rivers the week after the Steelers lost to the Chargers 35-7 – in 1979 (I was 11)…..Bernie Cunningham walked us to his car and gave me an autographed picture, I met Mean Joe, The Chief, Terry, Franco and will never forget it…I filled a legal pad of autographs. That Christmas, my Dad laminated it and put it in the front of a Steeler book called Steelers……

  • Jyanosko

    Adam forgot to mention that this was a gift from a Steeler Fan that just happens to live near the Mistake on the Lake (damn economy, I really had to go where the job sent me). I was at the game, saw it in person, and just could not pass this opportunity to memorialize a great event. The family thought that I spent a fortune on the signed picture, what they don't know is that the Cleveland Sports Shop paid me to take the picture off their hands. To bad it wasn't Lebron getting slammed….

  • Gretz

    Yes, this is all true.

  • MaG

    Do my “nobody else have them” – Jerseys count ?
    #7 Pete Gonzales
    #45 Fuamatu Ma´Afala

  • Gretz

    Absolutely they do.

  • JB

    I have a Bubby Brister autograph sitting somewhere in my basement. I met him at the Harry's Big and Tall at Monroeville Mall when I was five.

    I also have a picture with Bobby Bonilla (not Steelers I realize) at a Steelers/Pirates 5K/fun run at old Three Rivers in which his fly was down. At the same event, “Beltin'” Delton Hall picked me up and threw me over his shoulders (I was 5 and I was horrified).

  • JB

    Also, this is on my wall at work:

  • Wedgema

    I have a small black and gold rubber football signed by Greg Lloyd and Kevin Greene during a Bills/Steelers pre-season game. Lloyd signed it “Nasty”, and Greene signed it “All Pro”, so nobody would know it was them.