Chester Pitts Signing Would Be A Signal

Pittsburgh apparently was one of two teams who attended guard Chester Pitts workout today. Pitts isn’t a Pro Bowler, but he is a solid, competent NFL guard. If he is healthy, Pitts would likely be an upgrade over 2009 starter Trai Essex, although that job is likely to go to rookie Maurkice Pouncey.

Pitts likely will have options to be a starter somewhere, so it’s unlikely he’d be coming to Pittsburgh to add depth (he’s started all 114 games he’s played in his career). If he signs, it could mean that Pouncey would slide to center to battle Justin Hartwig, but there is another possibility.

Pitts also played left tackle early in his career. Now he was never a great left tackle, and there is a reason he moved inside, but there’s a chance Pittsburgh could be looking at him as a potential Willie Colon replacement at right tackle. Signing Pitts to play guard would allow Essex to slide out to tackle, but there’s also the chance that Pitts would be a better tackle than Essex.

It is comforting to see that Pittsburgh is investigating all options to replace Colon (they’ve also talked to free agent Flozell Adams), because the in-house options (Trai Essex/Jonathan Scott) aren’t all that comforting.

I hope to have more on Pitts tomorrow from Texans’ expert Stephanie Stradley. His agent says he has two more teams he’s going to meet with. If that’s true (and why would an agent ever stretch the truth?) we’re likely to not hear anything about a signing for another week or so.

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