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– We know that outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley is unhappy with his contract situation, and that’s certainly bad news. But here’s some good news: He’s not going to hold out. [ESPN]

– Outside The Lines is taking a look at the food vendors at stadiums and arenas around the four major sports. Here’s the write-up for Heinz Field: “Inspectors found employees lacking in overall food-safety knowledge after observing one worker washing his hands with his gloves on. Another location had a gallon of milk that had expired 10 days prior.” [ESPN]

– Remember the video I included in Morning Links a couple of days ago, the one that featured the 1989 AFC Wild Card game against Houston? Well, Behind The Steel Curtain is continuing its countdown of the 12 Greatest Non-Super Bowl wins in Steelers history, and that game checks in at No. 8. [Behind The Steel Curtain]

– And for your random YouTube of the day: It’s the original TV broadcast of the Immaculate Reception. How this video has remained on YouTube as long as it has is somewhat unbelievable, so let’s enjoy it while we still can.

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  • IsraelP says Jack Tatum died.

  • DC in ATL

    Given all the Raider whining over the years that Fuqua hit the ball first, I liked how this clip shows Tatum clearly hitting the ball back toward Franco, and Curt Gowdy saying “…the pass is broken up by Tatum…” and “Jack Tatum deflects it right into the hands of Harris”.

    Also saw something I never noticed before. Tight End John McMakin (#89) makes a nice block on one of the worst Raider whiners, Phil Villiapano, preventing him from having any chance of catching Franco. Not sure he would have caught Franco, but thankful that McMakin prevented any possibility of that happening.

    Nice clip, though Jack Fleming's call “He caught it out of the air!” will always be the best version…