Scouting Report On Pitts From A Texans Expert

I don’t know anyone who knows more about the Texans than Stephanie Stradley, known around the blog world as the Texans Chick. So with the news that the Steelers might be looking at Pitts, I asked her for a scouting report. Here’s what she had to say:

“Great player when he was healthy.  Terrific guard. It’s sad about his injury because he was due a payday.  Tough guy–before his injury, he never missed a game. Very personable.  Not sure how he’s going to be after his knee injury–it was pretty serious and he hasn’t been able to rehab in an NFL facility.  Allegedly the Texans told him to check with them before he signs with someone else.  I think a number of teams will be kicking the tires on him to see how his rehab went.”

I asked Stradley is she thought Pitts could slide back out to tackle. According to her, the general thought of the Texans was that he was much more suited for guard, but Pitts would have loved to have stayed at left tackle, so just maybe he would be interested in playing right tackle (although there is no word as of yet if the Steelers are interested in that).

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