Dennis Dixon As a ‘Change of Pace’ Quarterback

There’s been plenty of discussion this summer — and this little corner of the Internet has been no exception — as to what the Steelers should do with third-year quarterback Dennis Dixon (Start him? Let him compete for the job to open the season? Groom him for a possible trade?).

It appears as if the Steelers are at least considering using Dixon as some sort of “change of pace” quarterback in an experiment that could be a hybrid Wildcat-Kordell Stewart slash role.

Let’s go to the Twitter machine and ESPN Radio’s Ken Laird…

Said Laird, via Twitter, “Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians hints that Dennis Dixon might be used as a change of pace QB this year.” He then followed it up with several quotes from Arians and Dixon on the subject. He quotes Dixon as saying it’s “not complex like the wildcat with misdirection“, and that he’ll “be able to pass or run depending on the situation.”

During the four years Antwaan Randle-El spent with the Washington Redskins, there always seemed to be some talk — at least a little bit — as to how the Steelers missed the dimension he added for gadget plays. Now that he’s back, you have the potential for two guys to be running such plays.

Personally, I always thought it was a bit overblown, and while it’s always a nice wrinkle to throw at an unsuspecting team at just the right time (like, say, this play) it’s not something I really want this team to rely on. I loved Kordell Stewart in the slash role, mainly because he was such a unique player in it, and because the Steelers didn’t have the type of franchise quarterback they currently have. If Ben Roethlisberger is in the lineup, I’m not in favor of anything that takes him off the field when he doesn’t need to be taken off the field.

Is this something you would like to see this season?

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