Forbes Magazine: Steelers Fans No. 2 In American Sports Fan Rankings

Forbes Magazine recently came out with its best American Sports Fan rankings, and the Pittsburgh Steelers were No. 2 on the list, trailing only the insufferable Boston Red Sox fans (I blame Jimmy Fallon and Fever Pitch for this) and just ahead of the Detroit Red Wings. Pittsburgh’s other professional sports team, the Penguins (no, I didn’t forget about the Pirates) came in at No. 6.

You can read about how they came up with the rankings by clicking here.

Said Forbes about Steelers fans…

“A great run in the 1970s (four Super Bowl wins) and the decline of the steel industry (which has spread ‘Burghers all over the nation) has led to a massive fan base. In recent years proud NFL towns like Denver and Washington have bemoaned the number of Black & Gold supporters in their home stadiums for games against the Steelers.”

Somehow, the Montreal Canadiens made the list at No. 11, which is a damn impressive accomplishment when you consider the obvious handicap of not even being located in the United States.

The other NFL teams to make the top 10 included Dallas (No. 9), New England (No. 5) and Indianapolis (No. 4).

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  • bengt

    If it really is a list of ‘american’ sport fans, I wonder why the top ten are not Flamengo, Fluminense, River Plate, Boca Juniors, FC Santos…

  • Johnny blaze

    Sounds like a homer who did these rankings!!!