James Harrison Talks About Roughing Up Kyle Orton

On Sunday night James Harrison proved, once again, he is a menace to opposing quarterbacks, even when they’re not in the act of throwing the football. After picking up an apparent fumble — it was eventually ruled an incomplete pass — Harrison rumbled down the sidelines and ran over Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton, knocking him out of the game for a brief period of time.

Watching the play unfold, it appeared as if Harrison intended to hit Orton. After the game, Mike Klis of the Denver Post caught up with Harrison and, well, he didn’t disappoint.

From Klis:

“He was running his mouth and getting in the way of the train,” Harrison said. “And the train wasn’t coming off the track.”

Orton, a quarterback, was talking smack to the traditionally rough, tough, hard-hitting Steelers?

“He was popping off down there the first time they were about to score,” Harrison said, referring to the Broncos’ game-opening touchdown drive. “So you run your mouth, expect to get something. Everything’s between the lines, so he got what he had coming.”

I think the only thing we can take from this is that James Harrison is the football recreation of Greg Lloyd. The only thing he’s missing is a t-shirt that reads, “I wasn’t hired for my disposition.

Update: Wilson points out that it’s all very similar to this Debo/Chris Tucker clip. And WARNING! If you’re at work or in the presence of little Steeler fans, make sure your speakers are turned down (or off) due to the language.

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  • Eric

    Or the t-shirt that read “real men are black”

  • Gretz

    haha. I forgot about that one.