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A quick daily look at what’s happening around Steelers Nation. And consider this your open thread for discussing the days events and, well, anything else that comes to mind about the Black and Gold.

– Sounds like Larry Foote is very happy to be back with Pittsburgh. Well, after spending a year in Detroit with the Lions, who wouldn’t be happy to be back? [Post-Gazette]

– And yet more discussion as to whether or not Willie Parker could be returning … assuming he gets cut by the Redskins [Post Game Heroes]

– How does Chris Hoke get ready for training camp practices at Latrobe? Well, for this particular practice — the night one at Latrobe High School Stadium — he decided to prepare with a perfectly executed Falcon Kick. [PSAMP]

– And for your random YouTube of the day: John Stallworth catching a touchdown pass in the 1975 AFC Championship Game.

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  • Cols714

    I’m always amazed by how quickly teams used to get to the line and get the play off. There seemed to be much less looking over the defense and calling signals.

    Or maybe it’s just the clips I’ve seen.

  • Dean Keaton

    I disagree with the Post-Game Heroes’ opinion that Steelers don’t have a lot of depth at RB. Certainly not a lot of experience behind Mendenhall and Moore, but how are those guys going to get experience if they aren’t given a chance? Why is it a concern to have Redman, Summers, Dwyer, or even newly-signed Wright as a #3 RB? If any of them can pass block well enough, I don’t see the concern at all.

    I personally hope that they don’t sign Parker, and honestly would be surprised if they do so, given that it will simply cost more than keeping any of the three mentioned above.

  • Cols714

    And Wexell tweets something we’ve all (and probably him too), been saying for the last 4 years. I’d be willing to bet he’s (and us) are wrong.

    “… also makes me think they have to go OT first round next year. Have to.”

    Knowing recent history, they aren’t going to go OT in the 1st round next year.

  • ryan


    Right. Every year we say, “This time, we HAVE to draft an offensive tackle in the first round or ELSE,” and every year the Steelers don’t do it. I suspect it’s intentional.

    Actually — and I’ve now made this point too many times to count — I’m no longer worried about the o-line, at least not in the same sense that, say, the quarterback position is problematic for the first month of the season. It’s just one of those things that you can come to expect, like winter and that Stephen A. Smith will never, ever go away. To quote Cowher: “It is what it is.”

  • JJ Cooper

    Love the video clip for today. Also love the fact that it was Stallworth’s second best play of the game behind the block.

  • ryan

    For all the offseason slurping of the Ravens by various national media outlets, I keep coming back to this: their secondary is beyond horrible. And their quarterback looks like Bert. Or Ernie. I can never remember which is which.

  • FW

    In fairness, the Ravens’ secondary wasn’t all that good in 2009 either, and they still went 9-7 and to the Divisional Playoffs. That secondary is worse now, but they did add Boldin, so it’s hard to tell whether they’re better or worse: they may get into uncharacteristically high-scoring games?

    Bert. Bert’s the hot dog head, Ernie’s the hamburger head. A long time ago a friend of mine said all gay relationships were based on the Bert and Ernie model. That Modern Family show seems to bear that idea out. Bert’s not a bad QB, but he gets way too much sunshine from the media. Again, off FO’s metrics, Bert’s just a middle of the pack guy. Question is, with better weapons, does he start to improve, or does the clock strike midnight and he turns back into Derek Anderson?

    Speaking of QBs in the AFCN, I love how Mike & Mike think the Browns will improve to 6-10 based on getting Delhomme. That makes sense. I’m still waiting for proof that Carson Palmer’s anywhere near what he was before we won SB XL. Put it this way: Ben x 75% > Flacco ≥ Palmer >>> Delhomme. Oh, and by the way, let the Colt McCoy era begin in Cleveland, by all means.

    IMO, the Bengals come out of the gates strong, then falter mid-season (look at the schedule from weeks 7-14) and collapse amidst the usual internecine Bengal strife. Ravens come out banged up and with that horrid secondary, so it’s 1. Cinci, 2. Pitt, 3. Balty, 4. Cleve in the early running; but that shifts mid-season to reflect the Ravens improving and the Bengals floundering. Could be a three-way cluster at the end. If we stay healthy, I think we have fewer landmines.

  • ryan

    I will henceforth refer to Colt McCoy as: “If Charlie Frye Were Left-handed.”

  • SteelerBill

    Wex sent that Tweet after posting how Jonathan Scott made him miss Tony Hills (he was referencing practice yesterday)….

    Also, let everyone hype the Browns, Ravens, Bengals and then after Hard Knocks tonight – the Jets. Troy was interviewed recently by the aforementioned Wex and stated that he is amazed how all these pundits predict what a team’s record is going to be when the men that play the game ‘have no clue’ how they are going to finish….

  • Randy Steele

    Quick question: What’s the over/under on the number of games the Mangenius will coach before he’s fired this season?

  • ryan

    I’m going with Week 6, after Big Ben returns.