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A quick daily look at what’s happening around Steelers Nation. And consider this your open thread for discussing the days events and, well, anything else that comes to mind about the Black and Gold.

Lawrence Timmons has been a player I’ve noticed quite a bit during the preseason — especially during Sunday’s game in Denver — and I like what I see. Your question of the day: Which player has impressed you the most this preseason?

– You read Ryan’s words everyday, and now here’s an opportunity for you to hear him speak. He joined Will Brinson for a podcast over at the CBS Sports blog NFL Facts and Rumors on Monday to discuss, what else, the Pittsburgh Steelers. You should check it out. [NFL Facts and Rumors]

– Some recaps and thoughts from Sunday’s game in Denver. [NFL From the Sidelines, Mondesi's House, D.C. Steeler Nation]

– Grading Dennis Dixon. “Dennis Dixon is on a Ryan Leaf like pace.” Ouch. [Post Game Heroes]

– Troy Polamalu’s hair? Valuable. It’s been insured for $1 million dollars. [Shutdown Corner]

And for your random YouTube of the day: This is one of the plays that still stands out to me about the Super Bowl run in 2005. Rookie Bryant McFadden matched up against Reggie Wayne and finding a way to break up the pass.

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  • FW

    QOTD: Timmons is a good call, but IMO this is where he should have been a year or two ago anyway.

    Pouncey has been a very pleasant surprise, didn’t think he’d be vying for the starting job till mid-season.

  • Brinson


  • SteelerBill

    I’ll go with Timmons as well….based on the fact that he took such a beating for the past two years….he’s playing downhill now and looks much stronger. Also, Mendy was very impressive in his last outing….

    Without reading the article, how could you compare Dixon to Leaf? I wouldn’t even give you Akili Smith….Dixon is in a much different situation than any of those men….

  • ryan

    QOTD: Keenan Lewis. He was trying to punch a wall and actually hit a tiny glass sign. That shows his ability to focus.

    Seriously: no one else has played as consistently well as Juan and Pouncey this preseason, but I am happy with what Mendenhall has done. And, hell, Isaac Redman, too. It’s just that Redman could run for 1,000 in August and the Steelers would still give him just five carries in the regular season.

  • ryan

    /shakes head

  • ryan

    Also: just saw this, but Eddie B. takes a first crack at his final 53. He has Tyler Grisham making it over Arnaz Battle. That is all.

  • Gretz

    Wes. Welker.

  • IsraelP

    I had never seen that angle on the McFadden defense of that pass. Wayne came awfully close to securing the ball even once he was on the ground.

  • Cols714

    They could easily have called interference on that play. I don’t like to watch it because i feel that at some point I’m going to watch the replay and the ref is going to throw the flag or Wayne will catch it.

  • countertorque

    Isaac Redman and Timmons

  • jeff


  • Cols714

    Mike Wallace

  • SteelerBill

    Hey guy’s just a quick heads up, when I get to the home page of your site it’s asking for a ‘Twitter Log in’…..not sure if I’m the only one seeing that….

  • ryan


    The Steelers Lounge homepage (or the SL Twitter page)? Jeebus, that’s weird. I don’t see it, but if other folks do, please let me know.

    /Come on, Al Gore. Fix your beastly contraption.

  • ryan

    Oh god. So the Ravens get Josh Wilson from the Seahawks for a conditional 5th-round pick? Really? I’m blaming a) Peter King’s Super Bowl albatross, and b) Bill Leavy reminding Seattle why they hate Pittsburgh. For what it’s worth, Seahawks fans aren’t happy about the move (incidentally, former Steelers Roy Lewis is doing well in Seattle and looks to get a lot of playing time).

  • Dhenigin

    Did a little searching and the only thing that I can find that makes the 5th round pick (conditional) a little more understandable is that he’s in the last year of his contract. Call me optimistic, but I don’t think this makes the Ravens a whole lot better. Certainly an upgrade, but not a game changer.