Morning Links (and Daily Thread)…

A quick daily look at what’s happening around Steelers Nation. And consider this your open thread for discussing the days events and, well, anything else that comes to mind about the Black and Gold.

– Ben Roethlisberger will be making his preseason debut on Saturday night against the Giants. I only have one request: Don’t send him in behind the second-team offensive line. Please. [Post-Gazette]

– This should make everybody at least a little bit excited. Potentially, anyway. Daniel Sepulveda — also known around these parts as Robo-Punter — has been putting on a show in training camp with his kickoffs, and now it appears as if the Steelers want him to at least share kickoff duties this season. For what it’s worth, the destroyer of paper towel dispensers didn’t look all that bad with his kickoffs on Saturday, even recording a touchback (Steelers Depot put together a video that highlights all of them, if you wanted to check that out). Though, I’d add that the touchback was clearly wind-aided during the monsoon that rolled through town. [View From The Press Box]

– OK, this is just a little bit out there, but, somebody named Taylor Lautner visited the Steelers on Saturday night and posed for a picture with Sepulveda. I have no idea who Taylor Lautner is, or why he’s famous, so if somebody can explain that to me, I would greatly appreciate it. As for why I’m posting it, the guy looks like Sepulveda’s twin brother … well, minus about six inches in height and 150 pounds in muscle. Seriously, they couldn’t look more alike. [Post Game Heroes]

– And for your random YouTube of the day: Rod Woodson with a huge kickoff return against the New York Jets. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen Woodson running with the football and actually getting caught from behind.

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  • Cols714

    My new mantra for the Steelers this year is to keep the younger guys. So if there is only one roster spot for Nick Eason and Sunny Harris, keep Harris. Same with Butler over Madison, Brown over Battle or Randle El, etc.

  • SteelerBill

    Funny how after one performance by Brown everyone is forgetting about the guy that has played well and been a ‘star of camp’ and that is Manny ‘Colonel’ Sanders….I saw him make, what I believe is still being referred to, as the ‘catch of camp’……if that’s the case….well we have a couple of really nice young receivers…..

  • ryan

    Agreed. And even though I’m a big Madison fan, I’d rather have Butler. The only thing that’ll change my mind at this point is if they bring back Chidi.

  • John S.

    Way to play it cool, Adam. Taylor Lautner is best known as Jacob the vampire in the Twilight movies. Unfortunately, I get Twilight gossip from my fiance. Apparently, Lautner is living in Mt. Lebo while filming some movie and there are regular camps of crazed teen girls outside his house, despite the fact the guy seems pretty…well… like he should be wearing #22.

  • John S.

    Check that, Jacob the werewolf.

  • Dean Keaton

    Willie Reid looked good during training camp for a couple of years too… Also, I’ve read a whole lot about Brown from the beginning of camp, and I think the Steelers very well could keep both he and Sanders. What I’m personally confused about is why so many people assume that Battle is a roster lock. It looks to me like the Steelers tried to find as many guys with skills to improve special teams as they could this offseason, and Battle is only one of many.

  • countertorque

    Getting 1 touchback out of the whole game doesn’t seem that great, IMO. And don’t his kick-offs usually get worse as the season goes on? Send in the Robo-Punter.

  • RoB D

    Yep, Reed gets worse as the season wears on. He’s totally clutch on FG’s but it’s time to experiment with Robo on KO’s.

  • Randy Steele

    If someone could consistently kick touchbacks, we wouldn’t have to worry as much about losing Madison.