Morning Links (and Daily Thread)…

A quick daily look at what’s happening around Steelers Nation. And consider this your open thread for discussing the days events and, well, anything else that comes to mind about the Black and Gold.

– Hines Ward says Dennis Dixon is the new Kordell Stewart. Well, to be fair, he does wear No. 10. [Mondesi's House]

– Some news regarding the Steelers opponent for Saturday night: Eli Manning might not play for the Giants after his unprotected forehead met the facemask of Jim Leonhard on Monday night. Jim Sorgi is the Giants backup, and, of course, I just realized that he was the long-time backup for Peyton Manning in Indianapolis. If there’s a better job in the NFL than the one Jim Sorgi has, I’ve yet to see it: collect a six figure salary to ride the bench behind the Manning boys. [Post-Gazette/Associated Press]

– Do you remember Chukky Okobi? (More importantly, do you remember that he once recorded a rap song that was blasted over the Heinz Field PA system during warm-ups?) Well, apparently, a mansion of his could be up for Sheriff’s Sale in Shadyside. According to the Tribune-Review, he runs a bed-and-breakfast out of the house, and insists that the Sheriff Sale won’t be happening. For what it’s worth, the only bed and breakfast I’d want to stay at is the one owned by Bob Newhart. [Tribune-Review]

– Hines Ward dropped a pass at practice on Wednesday and went to the Willie Mays Hayes school of self-discipline and instantly did 10 push-ups on the field.

– And for your random YouTube of the day: Franco Harris.

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  • IsraelP

    “Sometime soon.” 1983 until 2005, that’s twenty-two years. I suppose in Browns and Bengals years, that is “sometime soon” but we expect better around here.

  • Cols714

    If Dwyer ends up getting cut (looking more likely now that he’s injured again), do all of the draft people who pretty unanimously loved the Dwyer pick, get to say they’re sorry?

    You couldn’t read about the Steelers’ draft without some form of the phrase “best pick, sleeper, great value” being uttered about Dwyer.

  • DavidS

    Looks like Jim Sorgi is out this Saturday too:

    Giants QB Sorgi out 2-3 weeks with shoulder injury;_ylt=Am1GaVzUenFOTjq11VX2vDYdsLYF?slug=ap-giants-quarterbacks

  • Gretz

    Rhett Bomar?! Yikes. That should be fun to watch…