Pittsburgh Power Ticket Prices Are Outrageous, Laughable

Maybe you’ve heard, but as of Friday morning Pittsburgh has a new football team, an Arena League team known as the Power. I’m kind of intrigued by the idea, but a little unsure of how well it’s going to work in this area (it did, after all, already fail here).

The team’s website is up and running, and already has ticket prices listed for the 2011 season. My initial reaction: These guys are on drugs.

So you might think this is a cheap alternative to Steelers games? Think again, bucco. Here’s the price range for the inaugural season of Power football, including the low-end (and reasonable) $15 general admission in the upper level, to the laughably high $180 of the front rows around the lower level.

By comparison, I’m paying $68 per game for the Steelers. An NFL team (and a damn good one).

One of the perks to sitting in the lower level of an Arena game is being so close to the action (perhaps too close) and having the potential to take home a game-used football. That, of course, poses the following question: Is having the opportunity to get piled on by a couple of second-rate football players or take home a $40 football really worth the $180 price tag?

Based on the majority of the AFL, no, no it is not. I just took a quick look around the rest of the league to check out other single game prices, and here’s the list of teams that had ticket prices listed for the 2010 season:

Alabama: $9-$30

Chicago: $10-$60

Oklahoma City: $10-$70

Arizona: $10-$110

Jacksonville: $10-$128

Orlando: $5-$210

Tulsa: $10-$85

Shreveport: $7-$45

Dallas: $8-$95

Milwaukee: $11-$38

Spokane: $14-$63

So the Power, an expansion franchise, is already among the most expensive in the league.

This is not exactly setting yourself up for success right off the bat, especially when, again, the league has already failed here before.  Pittsburgh loves its football, yes, but it loves good, quality football, and for as entertaining as the AFL might be as a niche sport, I’m having a hard time seeing people fork over that much money to watch what is, essentially, minor league football. Hell, there are hundreds of tickets on StubHub — the second-hand market — for the Steelers season opener against Atlanta that range between $90 and $120.

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  • SteelerBill

    I used to attend Chicago Rush games and due to the size of the Arena, you did not to be ‘on top’ of the action in order to be ‘on top’ of the action. As a matter of fact, I believe Season tickets were only $300. My point being that $180 for a single game? Really? Maybe it includes a free subscription to the SteelersLounge.

  • Anonymous

    Well to be part of a new team here in the burgh is great. Plus does your $68.00 tickets include seat fee?

  • Houndsfan

    I bought a 5 game package this season and I agree with the comments above.  The talent in the league is not very good, seat prices and concession prices makes this way over priced.  This is Arena League 2 football for the cost of Arena 1.   Unless they are willing to reduce season tickets 30% I will not be returning next season.