Stan Savran Administers Logic Beatdown to Mike Florio, re: Dixon vs. Big Ben

Lord have mercy. On Monday, I wrote about Mike Florio’s absurd suggestion that the Steelers were keeping Dennis Dixon behind Byron Leftwich to avoid a possible quarterback controversy when Ben returned from his suspension. Even on the surface, it’s a theory you might expect to find written in shit on the walls of a mental institution. Most sane people would quietly move on and hope that this would all soon be forgotten.

Not Florio, who took the circus to the Stan and Guy radio show Thursday. He basically rehashed the same tired, misguided argument from his PFT post except this time Stan, speaking for pretty much all of us, didn’t just sit back and take it. Thanks to Steelers Depot, we have quite possibly the best 12 minutes of radio you’ll hear today.

And if you’re too lazy to click a link and listen passively, I’ve hit the highlights below:

Florio: We don’t know how [Ben's] going to play after the suspension.

Stan: You don’t know how Dixon’s going to play either.

Florio: Well let’s find out. Let’s find out. … If Dixon becomes great too soon, you may find yourself in a position where, let’s say after this season, if Dixon plays great, the agent’s rattling the cage — he’s already rattling the cage about Dixon not getting a fair shake to start during the four games — and you have some guys in the locker room … who want Dixon, some who want Roethlisberger, and you may decide, “You know what, we just got to get what we can for Dixon and and commit to Ben.” And then Ben goes back down to Georgia does something to get himself suspended for the entire 2011 season, then you’re stuck. And I think that’s floating around there (in Pittsburgh)…. It’s almost impossible to have a Joe Montana-Steve Young type situation if you want to maintain harmony.

Really? That’s what you’re hanging all this on? A bunch of “what-ifs”? (By the way, in this little make-believe skit who’s Montana and who’s Young?) Thankfully, Stan made what should have been an obvious point about both hypotheticals — Dixon morphing into a legit franchise quarterback and Ben having an off-field relapse — calling them equal leaps of faith. Undeterred by common sense and reasoning, Florio trudged onward.

Florio: I’m also troubled by the fact that Leftwich comes back and is automatically installed as the starter for those first four games with no opportunity for Dixon to win that position. And I think Dixon acquitted himself extremely well in that Sunday night game last year when he was pressed into service.

ARRRGGGHH. Who told Florio that Lefwich “comes back and is automatically installed as the starter”? Because I missed that. In fact, Tuesday Wex wrote about exactly why Leftwich is ahead of Dixon on the depth chart. And you might have a hard time buying this, but IT’S NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY. To paraphrase Wex: Dixon looked like crap during OTAs, Leftwich did not. And more than that, Dixon seems to play below expectations. When he’s the go-to guy, he’s less effective than when the pressure’s off and he’s just a backup or Kordell-lite. And perhaps more troubling: he’s not the type of guy to get in other players’ faces, particularly veterans.

Or we can just pretend that the Steelers don’t want to deal with a disgruntled locker room and fanbase once Dixon plays lights out during the first four games of the season and then Ben’s immediately reinstalled as the starter once he serves his suspension. Because, really, there’s a QB controversy brewing between a two-time Super Bowl winner and top-5 NFL quarterback, and a guy who has one career NFL start and has trouble handling the responsibilities that come with being a leader.

God, why do I do this to myself?

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  • Gretz

    I don’t always agree with Stan, but there are times when he gets passionate about something, and is so spot-on, that the beatdown he administers is epic in every way. This would be one of those times. On the contrary, I think Florio, in general, has done a great job with the site and tends to be on top of a lot of news … but there are times when he pens stuff that is so far out of left field it makes you think it came from, well, a mental institute. This would also be one of those times.

  • Anonymous

    He also seems to think it would somehow be bad for the Steelers if Dixon became a sudden superstar. But think about that. Say Dixon played 4 games that in our magical fairlyland actually prove to a certainty to all in the NFL that he’s a future hall of famer. Now the Steelers have two such QBs and can trade one for pretty much whatever they want.

  • SteelerBill

    That was priceless..absolutely loved it….

  • SteelerBill

    Adam….I’ve stated it before but Florio loves to inflame the Steeler masses – it creates more hits on his site….

  • RoB D

    Stan sounded like the smart defense attorney exposing the “expert” as a jumble of contradictions and illogical assumptions. Just the right amount of emotion injected to hammer home the point and all that was left was Florio to stumble out of the station in a daze. Or at least thats what he shoulda done.

  • FW

    Florio is a douche.

    That is all.

  • countertorque

    It sure would suck if we ended up in a Joe Montana – Steve Young situation. Because, as we all remember, that worked out horrible for everyone involved.

  • drinkingclub

    The problem for the Steelers is going to be, I hate to say it, that none of the QB’s looked great against the Lions. We will see what happens against the Giants this Saturday. I would put Dixon number one on the depth chart just because he can move when the line breaks down.

    Florio just wants to stir up the pot so he can get more hits to his site. Florio may have good contacts that feed him all the gossip he gets in the rumor mill section, but the man knows very little about football.

  • Gretz

    My guess is this: Dixon’s agent, who had been very vocal about his clients playing time before camp, reached out to Florio, spoke to him on background, and floated the ridiculous theory that the Steelers don’t want Dixon to succeed, and Florio then ran with it.

    Just a guess, though. Wouldn’t surprise me. Agents will do that. I’ve experienced it. Though, it’s not always that ridiculous…

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  • lloydfan4life

    Mike Florio? PFT? Who here doesn’t already know he’s an idiot?

  • drinkingclub

    Interesting idea about the agent.

  • Stillerfan

    Wow in what way did Stan even come close to winning that argument. Florio sucks and is wrong about everything but you definitely posted a crappy podcast that made me more angry than i already am about this. Stan got smashed because florio talked about 95 percent of the time and actually made me lean towards his argument even though his argument is insanely wrong.
    I think the title of this article needs updated because Stan just took it up the arse and didnt even have time to talk. didnt have time to tell Florio how idiotic he is for saying the steelers will probably get a 2nd round pick for Ben because thats what Mcnabb got (really florio wow), didnt talk over Florio about how retarded he sounded saying having montana and young was a bad thing.
    Stan just took all of it and Florio sounded right even though he wasnt

  • Darobr1

    florio’s a retard
    oops – sorry to insult the mentally challenged by including this moron in their ranks. he’s just an idiot, plain & simple…

  • Sptzrjim

    Florio is complete dumb ass. He does not have an athlectic bone in his body , talks like he is gay and acts like he know what he is talkign about. Why does NBC put a jerk like this on TV? Pleas ePlease take his dunb ass of the television