Steelers vs. Lions: Preseason Game 1 (and Daily Thread)

Finally, it’s game day.

It may not count, and you may be bored with it after the first team exits, but it’s still an NFL football game, and that, my friends, is well worth getting excited about.

Plenty of things to watch for tonight, including: Will Ben Roethlisberger play, and if so, how much? What will the reception be from the fans? Do you care? I’m anxious to see Thaddeus Gibson, Crezdon Butler, Mike Wallace, Maurkice Pouncey, Ziggy Hood and the running backs after Rashard Mendenhall.

Oh, and the most important thing to watch for tonight: Nobody get hurt. Please. Honestly, if that’s all they achieve tonight, the game is a win.

This is your game thread/daily thread. Go nuts.

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  • William Weathersby

    Mendy fumble…meh..oh ok..lets look at the defense…Aaron Smith making the 1st down run stop as usual :)

  • Easy Like Sunday Morning

    Nice brain fart on the Lions fair catch

  • ryan

    So I won’t be able to see the game until the NFLN replay tomorrow morning. Upside:’s Game Center is about 15 minutes behind the live action. Fantastic!

  • William Weathersby

    anyone get the feeling that Bryon is kinda “pedestrian”?? for lack of better words..the offense seems “sluggish” right one is hyped up…

  • Randy Steele

    After almost one-half of football, if you just look at the numbers, the Steelers seem to be playing pretty good. But that O-line is a dog’s breakfast. After so many hopeful sounds out of training camp about these guys, I’m a little disappointed.

  • JJ Cooper

    Well Flozell had a problem with a speed rush for a sack–that’s something we hope we don’t see too much of this year.

  • JJ Cooper

    Is it just me, or do preseason games get hit with weather delays all the time, while it almost never happens in the regular season?

  • Randy Steele

    How did you load your headshot onto your comments?

  • JJ Cooper

    Gotta love this. Proof that the preseason is a joke-even if they are forcing fans to buy full-price tickets. When the weather delay is over, they will play the final 1:30 of the first half, then go straight into the second half.

  • ryan

    The first time I heard Justin Thorton’s name? About 2 minutes ago on the fumble.

  • Israelp

    Probably has something to do with whether WordPress recognizes him. It’s still asking me for my full email every time.