Vote For Pittsburgh’s Biggest Sports Rival

Don Spagnolo, author of one of Pittsburgh’s finest sports blogs, Mondesi’s House, is attempting to find the biggest rival in all of Pittsburgh sports. Today, he has a post up over at the Fan’s Website that ranks his top-10, and is asking fans and readers to make the final decision as to which team we loathe the most.

For what it’s worth, I agree with the order of the football teams on his list. The Ravens are, at this point, the Steelers biggest rival, and the Browns, even with all of the history, are pretty much an afterthought.

Where I disagree, however, is the overall placement of the Ravens (No. 2, behind the Washington Capitals). Speaking as the Lounge’s resident hockey expert (well, as far as the staff is concerned, anyway) I don’t even consider the Capitals the Penguins biggest rival, let alone the biggest rival in Pittsburgh sports.

Of course, that’s what makes these things fun and worth arguing about: everybody has a different opinion.

Make your voice heard, Pittsburgh. Which team do you hate the most?

Vote at the Fan

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  • JJ Cooper

    I’ll defer to Gretz here because a) I’m not a hockey guy b) I’m not a native Yinzer. But considering the depth of the fandom for the Steelers in Pittsburgh, how can anyone but a Steelers rival be No. 1?