Mike Wallace Doesn’t Lack Confidence

Mike Wallace is getting a chance to be a starter now that Santonio Holmes has been traded away, but if this Q&A with ESPN is any indication, Wallace isn’t thinking about just a slight improvement on an excellent rookie season.

What’s next for Mike Wallace? What are your expectations this year?

MW: I’m trying to be the best. I’m trying to go to the Pro Bowl this year. I’m in a new role. So why not start now? Why wait?

Do you feel you have huge shoes to fill with Santonio Holmes leaving?

MW: He’s a great player and it is big shoes to fill for the simple fact that he’s a Super Bowl MVP. That’s not easy to replace. But I’m up for the challenge.

Confidence doesn’t seem to be a problem for Wallace. And if he can improve on last year’s production, a Pro Bowl appearance isn’t out of the question. Last year, Santonio Holmes and Hines Ward were targeted by Ben Roethlisberger roughly 137 times each (Holmes actually was the target of 138 passes, Ward had 137 thrown his way). As the No. 3 receiver, Mike Wallace was thrown 72 passes last year.

There is no way that Wallace will keep up his 19.4 yards per catch average now that he’s going to be running more intermediate routes, but it is fair to wonder just how many yards he can pull in with twice the amount of passes thrown his way.

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  • IsraelP

    If he can be elusive after the catch, he will be spectacular.