Wanted: Terrible Towel Videos

I’m sure you’ve seen the many pictures of Steelers fans waving their Terrible Towel in various locations around the world. Like, say, as seen in this video…

Well, we recently received an e-mail from Stephan Michaels of Nickerson Research looking for your own videos of Terrible Towel waving around the world. Here’s his e-mail…

I am writing on behalf of Nickerson Research in Los Angeles, which is working on a new television promo for the upcoming football season. This project is for ESPN and will celebrate the exuberance and die-hard support of the Steeler Nation, waving the Terrible Towel in adventurous locations around the world.

Specifically, we are looking for video of these images of fans waving the towel around the world, and I was hoping that some of the Steelers Lounge members may have some video of themselves or their friends that fits that description.

We would be very grateful and really appreciate it if you could possibly post our request on your blog, and/or forward this request to your mailing list. Should anyone have video that would work for the project, we would of course compensate them and arrange a formal footage agreement.

If you’re at all interested and have what he’s looking for, you can contact him here: Stephan@nickersonresearch.com

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  • SteelerBill

    Gentlemen (term used loosely)….the PPG had a Blog post that discussed and had pictures of the Terrible Towel around the world….just a heads up…