Charlie Batch Has Been With the Steelers For a Long Ass Time

This topic came up during Steelers Lounge Podcast #4 (download it … NOW!), but we were discussing Charlie Batch’s career with the Steelers and how long he’s been a member of the team. He’s currently in his ninth season with the black and gold (two of those seasons were spent on Injured Reserved), and as we discussed on the Podcast, that has to make him one of the longest-tenured Steelers quarterbacks in team history.

As it turns out, there’s only one quarterback that spent more years in Pittsburgh: Terry Bradshaw.

Steelers Quarterbacks
Quarterback Years C A TD INT QB Rating
Terry Bradshaw 14 2025 3901 212 210 70.9
Charlie Batch 9+ 81 146 8 4 85.4
Kordell Stewart 8 1190 2107 70 72 72.3
Ben Roethlisberger 7+ 1526 2411 127 81 91.7
Bubby Brister 7 776 1477 51 57 69.8
Mike Tomczak 7 546 973 37 43 71.6
Cliff Stoudt 7 244 479 14 28 57.9
Terry Hanratty 7 159 417 24 34 43.8
Jim Finks 7 661 1382 55 84 54.2
Mark Malone 7 690 1374 54 68 62.4
Neil O’Donnell 6 1069 1871 68 39 81.8

Some other notable names: Bobby Layne and Tommy Maddox both played five seasons with Steelers. Dick Shiner only played two (and, unfortunately, none of them were with Buzz Nutter).

Honestly, that’s a pretty incredible run for a local guy that signed on to be the third-string quarterback (behind Kordell Stewart and Tommy Maddox!) in 2002. Even more amazing is the fact he has two Super Bowl rings, and will only be making his fifth start on Sunday.

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  • Randy Steele

    Although the sun has nearly set on his NFL career, Charlie Batch has been the perfect back-up quarterback. Too bad Canton doesn’t honor such curious achievements.

  • JJ Cooper

    My hope is that Byron Leftwich will step in to fill that role for the next 8 years. He seems to love being a Steeler, and if he’s willing to give up on the hope of being an NFL starter he would be a perfect fit as Roethlisberger’s backup.

  • JB

    Anyone else notice that, despite the low volume of pass attempts (or perhaps because of it), Chaz has the second-highest rating on that list?

  • IsraelP

    Kordell wasn’t exactly a real QB during some of those eight years.