Photographic Evidence: Kickin’ it With the Bus

NEW YORK CITY — That’s right, that’s a dateline. I think they’re absurd, sorta like leaving the price tag on your clothes, but I figure this will be the first and last time I can bust it out, so indulge me. Anyway, I was in Manhattan Tuesday for the sole purpose of hanging out with other Steelers bloggers and Jerome Bettis.

The Bus was in town promoting the Guinness Pro Challenge, which is why we all met up at a bar, shared some pops, and chatted about the Steelers. I’ve talked to enough professional athletes to know that stuff like this can be tiresome; having people pull on you from all directions can be a bit much and I get that. But Jerome was awesome. He showed up on time, introduced himself to everybody like we were all old friends, sat back in a big, comfy, leather chair, and proceeded to talk football.

Nick from Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies and Chris from One for the Other Thumb both have fantastic recaps of the event, and I’ve included some pics below.

I spend most of my days in front of a computer interacting with people I have never met, so it was nice to finally put faces with names. I mentioned Nick from and Chris from OFTOT, and they were joined by Art from Gunaxin, Don from Hugging Harold Reynolds, the Wall Street Journal‘s Nando Di Fino, and my FanHouse bud Tom Lorenzo.

To give you an idea of how much fun it was, I woke up at 4AM, made the five-hour commute to the city, walked around NYC in nearly 90-degree weather for most of the day, and trained it back to Upstate New York that night, getting home at 1AM. And I’d do it all again. Good times.

And allow me to pimp Guinness one more time since they’re responsible for setting this whole thing up. From the website:

“Fortune Favors the Bold. Let us know about a moment where you boldly stepped up and faced a sports or athletic-related challenge, mental or physical, and ultimately persevered. You could win a chance to go to Dallas in February 2011 during the week of the big game to compete against Jerome Bettis in the ultimate perfect pint pouring competition.

To enter, go big. Tell us your boldest moment of character and courage in 100 words or less. The one with the best story will earn a place at the table man-to-man, Guinness-to-Guinness with Jerome Bettis.”

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  • tecmo

    sick pics. so glad we were able to hang. had a blast

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, his ring looks so unreal in that 2nd picture. Ryan, you’re like a regular Ansel Adams!

  • ryan

    That ring was insane. Just ballparking it, but it was probably the size of Skippy’s noggin, pre-weight gain.

  • Jeff

    Yeah. That’s a nice camera. What did you shoot those with?

    • ryan


      At the risk of sounding like a bigger nerd (if that’s even possible), I used a Canon T2i and rented a 35mm f/1.4 L because, well, there’s no way I can afford to buy one.

  • RoB D

    I could use that ring as a…

    Alright, I’m skinny..ok..??