JJ Cooper on Steel Current Radio (Podcast Link)

JJ, who also writes about the Steelers and the NFL for FanHouse, was recently interviewed on Steel Curtain Radio and showcased his in-depth Steelers knowledge (garnered over an absurd number of hours and many years) during a podcast with Steeler Radio. Click here to listen now.

While showing adulation for the talents of backup LT Tony Hills that he never exhibited over the last 2.5 years, among the other topics he discussed were:

  • Overview of the 53 Man Roster
  • Why Dennis Dixon is the best option at QB?
  • Why the Steelers will be a 10-6 team?
  • Why winning Game #1 is the key to making the Playoffs?
  • Steelers vs Falcons: Offensive Breakdown
  • Steelers vs Falcons: Defensive Breakdown
  • Why Big Ben wasn’t named an Offensive Captain?
  • Steelers vs Falcons Game Predictions
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  • Bigswa

    Thanks again JJ.

  • Randy Steele

    You guys should do your own podcasts.