Mewelde Moore Is Bad Luck In the Preseason

Mewelde Moore is a fine backup/third down back. But in the preseason, he’s voodoo to Steelers’ quarterbacks.

You may not remember, but it was Moore’s botched assignment during a preseason game in 2008 that led to Charlie Batch breaking his collarbone (Moore went the wrong way and Batch paid the price). Now it was Moore and Jonathan Scott who inadvertently played a part in Byron Leftwich’s MCL injury.

On the play where Leftwich was injured, Moore picked up a blitzing corner off the edge. He did a solid job, but was driven back towards Leftwich. Scott was also driven back, and as Leftwich stepped up to throw (in part because of the pressured off the edge) it appeared that Scott’s leg caught Leftwich’s left knee from the side.

Moore did nothing wrong on this play (he blocked his man) and it’s hard to blame Scott either (he was just minding his own business). But the combination just screwed up a whole lot of planning for the Steelers.

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  • NJM

    oh so that broncos game was planning and not a train wreck.