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A quick daily look at what’s happening around Steelers Nation. And consider this your open thread for discussing the days events and, well, anything else that comes to mind about the Black and Gold.

– Kind of a short version today since I was at the game on Thursday, but for your question of the day: Ryan is going to be hanging out with Jerome Bettis on Tuesday and he wants me to ask if there are any questions you guys might have for The Bus. Well? Any questions?

– Leftwich suffered an MCL tear in his left knee Thursday. Related: hope you weren’t hoping for Big Ben’s suspension to be anything less than four games. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

– Peter King explains his reasoning for picking the Steelers to win the Super Bowl. [Sports Illustrated]

– And for your random YouTube of the day: More of the Pittsburgh Steelers linebackers.

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  • drobviousso

    Question for the bus: There’s no doubt that your ability to run the ball and make consistent fist downs, even when the defense knew it was coming, allowed your team to run out the clock in the second half when you were up. I don’t know what it was when he retired, or what it was for games you played it, but at one point Cowher was 114-13-1 when taking a lead into halftime. How did you and the coaches know it was time to go from “score more points” mode to “run to drain the clock” mode?

  • ryan


    Thanks much for the question. Just in case people are interested, I’ll be talking to Jerome next Tuesday along with some other Stillerz bloggers. I hope to take a bunch of photos, too.

    Oh: also for next Tuesday: a LOOOONG interview I did with … Chad Ochocinco. That was for FanHouse but I’ll just say this: i came away liking him more than I did going into the interview. We were talking mostly about newest off-field endeavor but I got him to talk about Polamalu for a sec. Good stuff. Obviously, I’ll bombard you with links when that post is live.

  • Dean Keaton

    Question for the Bus: who was the best #2 RB on the team from your point of view over the time you were with the Steelers? (Parker excluded)

  • Cols714

    Eph. What the hell is Tomlin doing with starting Ben and having the slowest QB since Bernie Kosar playing behind a 2nd team line? I’ve been giving Tomlin a pass since I thought he did a great job in the Super Bowl year, but he’s starting to pile up the mistakes.

    At least Dennis Dixon will make the game exciting in good and, more likely, bad ways.

    Dwyer looked good, I’m betting he’s on the team over Summers now. Sylvester also looked fantastic.

  • FW

    QFB: Who will introduce you at Canton?

  • ryan


    Fantastic question.


    Bernie Kosar is offended by your remarks.

  • ryan
  • ryan
  • Grw1969

    N. F. Post Say’s source told them Harwig and Urbik are to be released

  • ryan

    If true, that sucks about Urbik. I mean, I suppose it’s good to have such tough personnel decisions to make. Although, if the argument is too little, too late for Urbik, I’d like to think it means the same for Dwyer. Put differently: if given the choice between Urbik or Dwyer, I’d lean Urbik.

  • Cols714

    I can’t wait until we are done obsessing with players 50-53 on the depth chart. Do other fans do this? By this I mean pick out the obscure, not so talented players that are going to barely make the team and wishcast them all into the next whomever?

    Or is it just because the Steelers have had a lot of success recently with players who almost don’t make it such as Harrison, Parker, and Washington?

  • RoB D

    I am a big Tomlin guy too..but the handling of the QB situation has bordered on bizarre this preseason. He did a similiar thing with Ben when he had him playing nearly the whole first half in a meaningless late season game against the Browns in 08 ( That’s just poor judgement, I cringed when he made with the “run FWP till the wheels fall off” thing. But overall, I think he’s the best young coach in the NFL. He’s still learning but he’d better get smarter with handling QB’s if he wants to last. We are now in a very precarious position and its partly his fault.If Byron is the starter, he should have done one or two series with the starters and then been ushered off and issued a clipboard for the rest of the night. I think our odds of making the playoffs just took a big hit. We’d all better hope Batch can hold the reigns for 4 games.

    I hope Urbik makes the team as well. JJ’s breakdowns indicate a marked improvement and he’s also apparently one of the smarter linemen we have. I like Dwyer but he didn’t come prepared to compete from the start of training camp. That shouldn’t be rewarded, IMO. I like Redman a lot more than Dwyer anyway. He’s competed hard for 2 training camps now and improved his blocking.

    Summers…I have never been so taken in by a I guess he;s been making his point on ST’s so he may stick. But he looks stiff as a board when blocking. I’d rather have Dwyer if it came to that.

    Ziggy..wherefore art thou? Perhaps saving it for the regular season but he’s not been the beast I expected. He’ll be fine I’m sure.

    So long Hartwig…you weren’t great but you were manna from heaven after the Mahan fiasco. Seems like a solid citizen and I liked when he got the line together at his house to get them to pull together. I can’t hate a guy who isn’t teh most talented but seemed to get everything he had from his abilities. Not his fault he wasn’t Jeff Hartings.

  • Anonymous

    If you want to not be granted another interview with the Bus, you could ask what it is like to be accused of sexual assault after having a consensual but unseemly encounter (in a car, outside of his marriage).

  • Anonymous

    Watching the game from the Carolina broadcast, I learned two interesting things about the Steelers from the announcers’ early game discussions.

    1) The Steelers have an excellent offensive line.
    2) Byron Leftwich has good “intangibles,” such as being tall.