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A quick daily look at what’s happening around Steelers Nation. And consider this your open thread for discussing the days events and, well, anything else that comes to mind about the Black and Gold.

What concerns you more about Sunday’s game: The Titans defensive line against the Steelers offensive line, or Chris Johnson?

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  • SteelerBill

    Good morning gentlemen……in answer to your question I’m more concerned about Chris Johnson….especially if the game looks like last week’s versus Atlanta….it goes without saying but he’s a game changer…..

    I’d much rather force Vince Young in to trying to beat us. Thus perhaps the game plan should focus on getting a lead early and taking away the run….

  • Anonymous

    I’m more concerned about the Titans’ defensive line against the Steelers offensive line. The Steelers’ defensive line has been consistently good against the run. Last season the big concern was Adrian Peterson going into the game against the Vikings, but he came out with 69 yards on 18 carries.

  • steeler junky

    I am more worried about the Steelers Defense losing contain on QB V. Young and him wearing out the Steelers D. by scrambling.

  • Bigswa

    Chris Johnson. He’s the most dangerous offensive player in the NFL. Make a mistake with him and it’s 7.

  • eddie

    i’m always worried about cut back runners like chris johnson and fred freakin’ taylor. taylor would regularly light us up. hated that guy. i feel like johnson has the potential to do that to us.

    juan timmons is key – he cannot get washed out in the wasteland by overpursuing or failing to contain cutback lanes.. i also think the safeties need to come up big on making sure johnson doesn’t break off a huge run.

    i think johnson can be contained, however.

    last week, johnson had that 76yarder. typically we don’t give up the long runs to players. lebeau does a great job of giving up 2-6yard runs but very rarely the big hitter.

    if you exclude johnson’s 76yarder, his numbers against the lowly raiders run defense:

    26 rushes, 66 yards, 2.5yds/att average! again, this against the raiders.

    very defendable.

    here we go!

  • Anonymous

    When we don’t give up big plays, our D is great. Johnson is the best big play RB of all time, so I’m most worried about him. I’m wondering if we should have one S deep in centerfield and one shadow CJ.I am not worried about VY running a lot. If he does, Mssrs Silverback, Woodley, Timmons, Clark and Polamalu will get free shots on him. I am worried about over-committing to CJ and leaving the top exposed for the deep ball. Hence, the S in centerfield.