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A quick daily look at what’s happening around Steelers Nation. And consider this your open thread for discussing the days events and, well, anything else that comes to mind about the Black and Gold.

– So, how about that Charlie Batch?

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– 3-0 [D.C. Steelers Nation]

– And for your random YouTube of the day: Steelers fans in Tampa Bay. Pretty cool…

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  • FW

    What’s up with the “Snowman” shirt?

  • Cols714

    Well that was easy. The Ravens are going to be tough to beat. They didn’t look all that good vs the Browns though. Nobody covered Boldin all game and Flacco was able to play a decent game for once. He’ll have a tougher time this week and Boldin will actually get hit once or twice which might make him a bit less gung ho about coming over the middle.

    I am a little bit nervous about Batch getting through a Ravens game without getting hurt. They are going to be gunning for him.

    I guarantee you that some fans are still bitching about Bruce Arians even after scoring 31 points with Charlie Batch as the QB.

    • FW

      Hopeful sign for the Ravens game: Browns ground game gashed that Ravens D. I’ve commented on their thin secondary, but you’d think they could stop the run better than that.

      Credit where due: I’ve been down on the OL and BA for… ever… and both were in top form yesterday, minor gaffes excepted. They need to bring it again against a Ravens D that is going to try to swarm CB.

      Flacco has been far less effective this season than I would have thought. For that matter, Carson Palmer and that Bengals O looks terrible, just terrible.

      • RoB D

        Someone said yesterday on one of the telecasts that Carson peaked in 2005.

        Sounds about right.

        He’s a good QB but never made the jump to elite as predicted. I watched a lot of the Bengals game and it may have been the worst game I have ever seen him play.

        It would seem Re: the O-line that Flozell has settled in as predicted and/or hoped by many Steeler observers, Pouncey is just ridiculous (it’s unreal how fast he became a given on the Oline), Starks is one guy we can’t live without for long, Legs fills in nicely, Kemo seems to have improved under Kugler’s tutelage and we have a well regarded backup in Foster and even Essex seems to grade out well if you read JJ’s columns (and of course, you all do). All I wish for that unit is health. We can win a lot of games with them in front of Big Ben in the latter part of the year.

        ST’s…much improved. I dont cringe when the other team fields the punt or KO anymore. We have some guys now who can cover.

        Its a pretty sweet start to the year. Get better, Hoke..we need ya..

    • countertorque

      I admit that I still don’t like BA. I think the 2nd Batch INT was Arians’ fault and I thought the first Wildcat play was stupid (although another reverse in the backfield might just do it). I’m pretty sure there was an empty backfield with 3 yards to go at one point too.

      Don’t get me wrong. I’m a very happy guy this morning at 3-0. Two of those wins were never really in doubt and that’s the best kind of fan experience there is. So, it’s OK with me if don’t fire Arians this week.

  • ryan

    Two other guys who apparently know what they’re doing: Sean Kugler and Al Everest.

    • SteelerBill

      Amen to that

  • Hopalong Cassidy

    I wonder what happened that made the running game so much better? Is it possible that Legursky at Guard made a difference? I think this kid has potential. Maybe Trai Essex needs a few more weeks off.

    • Cols714

      Essex has looked good this year.

  • ryan

    Hopalong Cassidy,

    Honestly, I think it had to do with Charlie being able to throw the ball down the field and loosen up the defense. I’ve been driving the Dennis Dixon bandwagon all summer, but he struggled to throw screen passes — let alone intermediate and deep balls — through the first six quarters. That said, the o-line collectively did a fantastic job of keeping Batch clean Sunday.

    • Hopalong Cassidy

      I agree with that but Dennis Dixon did not get the protection that Batch got so something improved on the O-Line. However, one game does not make a season so I guess we’ll see if the O-Line can do anything against the Ravens. I also agree with those who are critical of Bruce Ariens. Personally, I think Mike Mularky did the best job of any recent OC for the Steelers.