The Ray Lewis Hate Meter

Forget about the Cleveland Browns, it’s a well known fact that the Baltimore Ravens are the No. 1 rival around these parts. And to help get you ready for Sunday’s game at Heinz Field, we are proud to introduce the Ray-Ray Hate Meter, putting a tangible value on how much we loathe certain members of the Baltimore Ravens (idea inspired by Greg Wyshynski and his Mike Milbury trading scale)

It goes without saying that certain members of the Ravens will score higher than others. Ray Lewis, for example, is an easy 10 out of 10 Ray Lewis’s. I mean, the damn thing is named after him. Why him? Why not him is the better question. When he’s not jumping on the pile after the play is already over, he’s getting credited with making stops on plays that he had absolutely no part in, and that’s after he does that freakin’ dance before every game. And a for a player that loves the tough-guy image he projects, he sure does like to complain a lot.

So many words.

Haloti Ngata is one player we’re not afraid to say that we like, and if you tell me you wouldn’t want him on the Steelers, well then you’re a damn liar. Perhaps the most athletic fat guy you’ll ever see (just watch this old video of him running people over while playing rugby).

Terrell Suggs checks in with the second highest score, coming in at 9 Ray Lewis’s. This is the guy that showed up at Ravens training camp last season wearing a T-Shirt that read, “You Bet Your Sweet Ass I Hate The Steelers.”

He may think he’s sending some sort of message with that shirt, but the only statement he’s making is, “I ALWAYS THINK ABOUT THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS, AND THEY ARE TOTALLY ON MY MIND AT ALL TIMES!” You don’t see or hear James Harrison talking about the Ravens all the time. That’s because, like the rest of the Steelers, the only time he cares about them is the week they’re playing the Ravens. Not before. Not after.

Tom Zbikowski might be a surprise name on the meter, registering six Ray Lewis’s, but as Ryan pointed out, he not only plays for the Ravens, but he also played his college ball at Notre Dame, while we’re constantly reminded by announcers during every game he plays that he used to be a boxer. He’s tough. We get it.

Other names: Joe Flacco (count how many times an announcer refers to him as “unflappable”), Ray Rice, TJ Houshmandzadeh, John Harbaugh, Derrick Mason and Ed Reed.  Enjoy…

Special thanks to Ryan for all of the graphics. Well done.

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  • Bob Costas

    Brian BIllick gets 11 out of 10 Ray Lewis’s.

  • yoni

    douchemandzadeh should be like a 20….he wiped his cleats with the terrible towel.

  • Randy Steele

    I’m giving Bart Scott a full 10 Ray-Rays, and I don’t care if he’s not a Raven anymore. I hate the Jets, too.

    • Randy Steele

      Ditto, Trevor Pryce.

      • Randy Steele

        And while I’m at it, why not toss in that bloated bloviator Rex Ryan?

  • Anonymous

    I was about to comment that recently retired Tony Siragusa would be one to get a relatively low score. Then I looked it up and his retirement wasn’t so recent.

    I’m getting old.

  • FW

    Suggs and Ray Ray are defininitely at the top of my list (although Ben and Ray are new surprise BFF), but I can’t say I have much animosity toward Rice or Mason. Guys seem like professionals who don’t do much yapping, unless I’ve missed it. I’ve hated going up against Mason since his TT days, but hats off. Also have a hard time really hating on Fucco, although he was always cranky on Sesame Street with Ernie. Suggs is dirty as hell. Bart, ditto. So was McAllister. And yeah, Harbaugh and Housh are both major douches. I do miss Billick as coach, and Harbaugh has a lot to learn about sideline meltdowns (the playoff game when Ray Ray cried and Billick was freaking, the Detroit game with the record number of penalties).

    • Walk4me

      Hello Joey Porter

  • ryan

    I hate Flacco because the media can’t slobbering over him enough. Still not sure why.

    Mason’s consistency and reliability are maddening, but only because he’s a Raven.

    Basically, I can talk myself into hating anything related to Balmer.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t get the Flacco media love either. He’s average. Maybe it’s because average is pretty good compared with Steve McNair. Maybe they see him as kind of a taller Wes Welker. I can’t recall Flacco himself doing anything really hateable, so I can’t give him many Rays.


      But you like Roethlisberger? I’ll take Flacco because his off the field antics aren’t even close to that of Worthlessberger

      • ryan

        Fair point. Seriously, I got nothing.

        As for Flacco and the media love, I think the national media is a lot more in love with him that the locals. Jaws, in particular.

      • Gretz

        Neither fan base is in the position to be lobbing insults about players off-field behavior.

        Right, Mr. Lewis?

      • Gretz

        Neither fan base is in the position to be lobbing insults about players off-field behavior.

        Right, Mr. Lewis?

      • Gretz

        Neither fan base is in the position to be lobbing insults about players off-field behavior.

        Right, Mr. Lewis?

      • Lol

        Yeah thin ice bro, Ray Lewis has done some things too you know.

    • GO RAVENS!

      Am I missing this media love? Because Flacco has gotten ripped here all year long.


    We need a Hines Ward “stupid smile-o-meter” on our site… or better yet a “Cheap-shot-o-meter”

  • a raven in va.beach


    • Bofk

      At least the steelers dont havr murders on the team Lewis should br rotting in jail but since hes a pussy and snitched on his buddies hes still playing

  • Rockvillerandy8

    Steelers fans are mad cause if refs don’t help u win big games u never would

  • Thedarksideboss

    You don’t hate Ray Lewis… You FEAR him. Love how he dove on the pile 9 times Sunday and that INT was really Ngata’s but they credited Ray with it…LOL

  • fuck you

    whoever made this website is a huge douche and idbewillingtobeeveryone on thelist would beat your ass yes including coach harbaugh


    obvious the ravens are on your mind and how can you hate ed reed? wow steelers still sucks. ben rapes women so !

  • F the STEELERS

    Jealous much?

  • Leon Sandcastle

    Steeler fans are a hoard of stupid ass classless goons. Suck a dick bastards!