Steelers Make Final Cuts, 53-Man Roster Is Set (for Now)

Consider this your “Hey, why the hell did they release that guy?!” thread…

The final cuts are in and your 2010 Pittsburgh Steelers roster is set (for the time being, anyway). Commence with the bellyaching:

LB Patrick Bailey
CB Joe Burnett
S Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith
WR Tyler Grisham
DE Sunny Harris
C Justin Hartwig
WR Stefan Logan
DT Steve McLendon
FB Frank Summers
OG Kraig Urbik
DT Doug Worthington

For completeness, here are the guys who got axed earlier this week:

09/03/2010: TE Eugene Bright, OG Dorian Brooks, OT Kyle Jolly, WR Brandon London, TE Sean McHugh, DT Scott Paxson, LS Matt Stewart, DB Justin Thornton, RB Justin Vincent, LB Renauld Williams,

August 31: LB Brandon Renkart, CB David Pittman, FB Dwayne Wright, G Adrian Jones. Waive LB Andre Frazier from IR. G Chris Scott placed on PUP.

And with his job complete, the Turk takes the next 50 weeks off.

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  • Aaron

    No real surprises there – although I suppose an argument could be made for Urbik. Really, this round of cuts speaks to the early success of this years draft class

  • ryan


    Totally agree. I was all ready to get up on my soapbox, particularly about Jonathan Dwyer, but I can’t really complain. I suppose losing Burnett is sorta surprising, but Crezdon looked better this preseason.

    • DJAnyReason

      Well, the other way of looking at it is that it speaks to the weakness of last year’s draft class. The Steelers are now down to the 1, 3-b, and 4 from last year, after cutting the 3-a, 5-a, 5-b, and 6-a this year.

  • Gretz

    Burnett is a bit of a surprise for me, but I have no issue with any of these guys getting cut. I’d guess Worthington is headed for the practice squad.

  • Aaron

    Yeah, Burnett was just a victim of the numbers. Ike, Mcfadden, Lewis, Butler, and Gay provide a solid base. I am looking for Gay to have something of a bounceback year. I don’t think he will ever be a pro-bowler, but a solid nickel back is a valuable position that I certainly feel fits his skill set.

    The Grisham cut is unfortunate, but bringing in Battle and ARE pretty much put the cap on the open receiver spots. Hopefully he can come back next year and find a spot here.

    The Hartwig and Logan cuts were expected – as they got beat out by younger (and arguably better, in the case of Brown over Logan) players with more upside.

    I also liked Worthington, so hopefully he comes in next year and can beat out Eason – providing an infusion of youth on an aging D lin

  • drobviousso

    These all seem reasonable.

    I think, with the popularity of the 3-4, it is going to be harder and harder to find late round ends like Smith and Keisel. I had hopes that Harris would show enough to make the roster, but it looks like’s off to the practice squad, or whatever new 3-4 team is hard up for ends (KC, Washington, Buffalo, Denver… got to be others)

  • Dvdtroup

    Looks good to me, If they can find a Guard off waivers we will be set.

  • Anonymous

    So Ted’s final list was 52/53, only missing on Dwyer / Summers (a point to Randy, btw). And they just mentioned Dwyer during the Georgia Tech highlights on ESPN News.

    Any news on interesting cuts from other teams that we might want? Leinart was cut, but I don’t want him. Myron Rolle was cut by TEN… I’d like to see him on our practice squad.

  • Anonymous

    The Ravens cut Troy Smith and PUP-ed Ed Reed.


    Pretty much what I expected after the last 2 preseason games. Before those 2 games. I figured Burnett would make it over Madison and Summers would be kept because there seemed to be no other choice. Urbik was a little bit of a surprise being he was a 3d rounder last year. Usually the Steelers keep their higher picks around longer.
    Maybe if the Steelers would have had a different O line coach sooner the O line players wouldn’t have been so bad.

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  • Randy Steele

    On PG+, Eddie B. notes that Summers was sacrificed for Leftwich and adds that he doesn’t understand why the Steelers didn’t put Leftwich on IR to save the roster spot. After all, Leftwich be out at least two, possibly as much as four or more weeks, at which time Rothlisberger will be back.

    I’d guess that the Steelers’ front office isn’t content with the troika of Rothlisberger/Dixon/Batch and would much rather have Leftwich than Batch as the No. 2 or No. 3 QB going forward.

  • Randy Steele

    Also, there will be no belly-aching from my side of the computer screen. After all, why get your shorts in a bunch over a bunch of guys who’ll be pacing on the sidelines in sweats?

  • Israelp

    P-G headline is “Steelers release 11 players; keep Leftwich”

    Hadn’t really considered Leftwich a candidate for release since it’s supposedy just a couple of weeks.

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  • tim

    i don’t understand why ppl are so enamored with summers. he’s not close to RB material (the steelers gave him ZERO carries in preseason games this year & only 3 last year) and he’s basically the third string FB behind david johnson and legursky. besides his cool nickname & special teams play, it’s not much.

    • Cols714

      This is my point exactly. I’ve been making the Summers isn’t very good argument since last year’s whiffed block vs Tenn. He isn’t a good FB, and they have plenty of better RBs. Steeler internetters love him because he has a cool nickname and had a good highlight video.