Steelers vs. Titans: Game Thread

There doesn’t seem to be much optimism heading into this matchup. The Steelers are five point underdogs, they generally don’t play well in Tennessee and they’re going to be without Max Starks and Casey Hampton.

Another defensive slugfest could be in the cards, assuming the Steelers can keep Chris Johnson in check. Dennis Dixon gets another week to prove himself, so let’s get at it, peeps.

This is your game thread. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Go crazy. Because it’s game day.

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  • ryan

    It’s going to be 92 today in Nashville and the Steelers are wearing black.

    • Gretz

      Mike Tomlin would refer to that as “psychological warfare.” Tomlin wears black long sleeve shirts at training camp when it’s 90 degrees. He’s not scared of this.

      • Matt

        …but Tomlin’s not playing on the field either :)

        I am hoping we surprise people and win. but i’m tempering my expectations, cuz Jeff Fisher’s Mustache is intimidating!

        • RoB D

          Damn his stache..It’s foiled us many times!

  • IsraelP

    In how many of those 1-8 games did the Steelers wear black?

    • ryan

      Hmm. Good question. Not in 2008 or in 2002.

      • IsraelP

        Which 2002? Maddox injury or Nedney acting?

  • Randy Steele

    Will Vince Young’s delicate psyche survive this game? Or will it be another year on the couch?

  • Randy Steele

    It’s been a long long time for a Steeler fan to watch the last 5 minutes of a football game without having your stomach tied up in knots.

    • Randy Steele

      Sorry. I spoke too soon.

  • Randy Steele

    And as far as the AFC North is concerned, this weekend went about as well as we could have hoped.

  • Cols714

    Missed the game. Other than Dixon being injured, any other injuries? Bonus win for Pittsburgh. That’s some nasty defense!