Whatever You Do, Eric Mangini, DON’T Start Colt McCoy

Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace both have high-ankle sprains. I joked earlier today that there’s no way the Browns would subject rookie Colt McCoy to the Steelers because we all know how that movie ends (and yep, that was the Deebo body slam game).

Well, head coach Eric Mangini admitted Monday that if McCoy did play Sunday he expects him to seize the opportunity. Which, as best I can tell, is a euphemism for “You’re a dead man, son.” And that probably explains why Cleveland signed Brett Ratliff off the Patriots’ practice squad. If I’m the Browns, I’m going with Josh Cribbs at QB and take my chances that a 2002 Texans-Steelers game breaks out.

Because otherwise things could get real ugly real quick.

(In case it wasn’t clear, the above was inspired by this. Alternative movie posters: “Death Wish”, “Death Becomes Her” … basically anything with “Death” in the title. Feel free to suggest your own.)

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  • Cols714

    I know the Browns beat us last year, but try replicating those crazy freezing windy conditions. Hines Ward said it was the worst weather he’d every played in. I’m guessing we see lots of Cribbs wildcat plays in this one and I’m also guessing the Steelers win big.

  • steeler junky

    I would rather the Steelers faced a QB they had film on instead of McCoy; I still have bad thoughts about when Brady came off the bench years ago in the play offs against the Steelers and beat us.

    • yoni

      I thought it was bledsoe who came off the bench?

      • steeler junky

        you are right it was bledsoe that came off the bench in 2001.

      • steeler junky

        you are right it was bledsoe that came off the bench in 2001.

    • FW

      The only Brady Colt McCoy is likely to remind us of is Brady Quinn.

  • eddie

    that highlight reel was awesome. the soundtrack was… actually, the music was horrible. was that game played in the 80′s?

    rushing TD’s by bettis, FWP, AND verron. a chaz batch sighting, a quincy morgan (steelers) TD. marvel, faneca and hartings on the left side, with starks on the right… sacks by peezy and haggans… man, nostalgia hits hard.

  • Anonymous

    “Whatever You Do, Eric Mangini, DON’T Start Colt McCoy”


  • Lala

    I was at that game. Best part (other than Deebo slamming that fool) was late in the game all the Browns fans had left, and most of the Steelers fans made their way down to the lower level near the Steelers tunnel. With a couple minutes to go the Browns were driving down towards that end zone where all the Steelers fans were at. It turned into a home game for Pittsburgh as we were all chanting defense in hopes of preserving the shutout. The Steelers defense was telling us to get louder – it was awesome. It came down to 4th and goal when Larry Foote completely jacked up their tight end right as the ball got to him in the end zone – incomplete pass, shutout in tact. We went nuts. Good times

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