Mike Tomlin Says Ben Roethlisberger Will Start Against Cleveland

I’m sure there was somebody out there that was still under the belief/delusion that Charlie Batch would be starting two Sunday’s from now against the Cleveland Browns, or that there was still some level of debate as to who would (or should) be the No. 1 quarterback.

On Tuesday, Mike Tomlin confirmed the obvious (and left no gray area for people to manufacture their own controversy) and announced that Ben Roethlisberger will start the Steelers next game.

While speaking on Sirius NFL radio, Tomlin said the following:

“He’s going to get his normal reps in terms of preparing for the game that he’s gotten since I’ve been here in terms of preparing a starter to play, and, of course, he’s going to start next Sunday.”

And it’s settled.

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  • Anonymous

    No, it’s not settled. He said “he’s going to play next Sunday” not “he’s going to start next Sunday.” Clearly that meants that Batch is their man and Ben will be used as a change-of-pace QB(!)

    Also possible is that “next Sunday” refers to a scrimmage on 10/10.

    • dennisonschili

      ^ good point intropy. batch will start, ben will run the wildcat.



  • hos

    And I thought with a bye week to prepare this was the beginning of the El qb experience.

  • IsraelP

    Not even a qualifcation invoking motorcycle helmets?