Morning Links (and Daily Thread)…

A quick daily look at what’s happening around Steelers Nation. And consider this your open thread for discussing the days events and, well, anything else that comes to mind about the Black and Gold.

–OK peeps, it’s Friday so that means it’s time to get your predictions for Sunday’s game. Let’s hear them…

– Be sure to check out Steelers Lounge Podcast #6. [Steelers Lounge]

– More great moments in unlicensed Pittsburgh sports merchandise. This time: Baltimore sucks. [PSAMP]

– Everything you need to know about Charlie Batch. [Behind The Steel Curtain]

– Tunch Ilkin and Craig Wolfley gave us a nice shout out on Twitter on Thursday, so, naturally, we’re going to return the favor. If you’re on the Tweet machine and not following these guys yet, go and do it right now. They need more followers. [Twitter]

– And for your random YouTube of the day: The signature catch of Lynn Swann’s Hall of Fame career.

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  • Cols714

    Steelers 21-17

    Is there anyway we can keep track of this stuff and see who was the most right or wrong at the end of the year?

    • ryan

      Hey, I had the 21-17 prediction too, but with Skippy returning a fumble for six. And Cols, I’ll try to remember and go back and log each of our predictions and keep a running tally.

  • John S.

    Maybe I’m crazy, but I think the Titans and Falcons are better than the Ravens this year. This game could be easier than those, but not as much of a beat down as Tampa. Then again, if you’ll forgive the cliche, you can throw out the record books when the Ravens and Steelers meet.

    The matchup I’ve been wondering/worrying about is our defense against a team with multiple quality receivers and a decent qb. We haven’t faced that yet. (Atlanta – 1 good wr, Titans – 0, Bucs – 0). Not sure Baltimore fits the bill — Flacco hasn’t been doing so well and we haven’t heard much from receivers not named Boldin.

    Seeing as how my predictions have been wildly off so far, I’m tempted to predict a Ravens win for the sake of the reverse jinx, but I’ll stick with my gut:

    24-10 Steelers.

  • RoB D

    Lynn Swann…graceful doesn’t cover it..My mother didn’t like football but she was fascinated by Swann..that blend of toughness over the middle and pure balletic grace and artistry. (she loved the ballet)

    This week I am taking the Steelers….28-13. I see a lot of defensive turnovers by this D leading to scores, RoboPunter determining field postiion for the Ravens throughout, and I THink Mendy will have a big game. I have gone back and forth a little ..actually thinking the Ravens would win this one but I think we are a better team who they can’t out tough. And that’s how they beat a lot of taking away the will to compete. The Steelers do the same thing and do it better.

  • SteelerBill

    Well gentlemen…..the majority of ESPN experts and Jason LaCanfora picked the Ravens….I’ve already informed Ryan Clark and LaMarr Woodley via Twitter…..

  • SteelerBill

    I’m too superstitious to make predictions – all I will say is this – I believe there group of NFL ‘experts’ that want the Ravens to be good….. Reality may not be kind to them…..

  • SteelerBill

    …..ever see the guy in the gym that wears UnderArmour but can’t lift anything…?

  • countertorque

    I’m nervous about this game. My biggest fear is that this is the week that the O-line becomes exposed and we take a ton of sacks and get all of our QB’s injured.

    • countertorque

      Of course, I never pick my team to lose. Steelers 20-13.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    Steelers 16-Ravens 10. Ike has another intercepio.