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A quick daily look at what’s happening around Steelers Nation. And consider this your open thread for discussing the days events and, well, anything else that comes to mind about the Black and Gold.

– Santonio Holmes made his debut for the Jets on Monday night and made one or two plays, but that’s not the story, the story is that ESPN went to new levels in its love of Brett Favre. Never has a player looked so bad for so long and received so much praise for doing it. When he threw his 500th career touchdown pass, ESPN had a glitter graphic ready. After throwing a pick-six in the fourth quarter — after horribly overthrowing a wide open Percy Harvin on a pass that could have gone for 40 yards, if not a touchdown — ending Minnesota’s comeback effort, Ron Jaworski and Jon Gruden were raving about what a competitor he was and how awesome it was to see him throw a hail mary to the end zone on the final play of a nine-point loss. And the excuses. Oh, the excuses. It was almost as if they intentionally went over the top (even as far as Brett Favre love is concerned) to help build back up his reputation in the wake of the past weeks events. In short: This is why America hates Brett Favre.

– Five questions to ponder … [Behind The Steel Curtain]

– Non-Steeler news: The New England Patriots acquired Deion Branch from the Seattle Seahawks. Is David Givens far behind? [PFT]

– Craig Wolfley on Chuck Noll and ballroom dancing. [Craig Wolfley's Blog]

– And for your random YouTube of the day: Part 1 of the NFL Films episode on the most exciting day in playoff history…

And here parts two (click here) and three (click here)

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  • Anonymous

    Nice set of films.

    I was going to make a joke about this would what it would be like had Ben been suspended for four and a half games, but then I figured maybe James Harrison reads this and would come kill me.

  • Anonymous

    Answers to three of Five Burning Questions [Behind The Steel Curtain] – No, No, Yes.

    Re #4& #5, let’s just enjoy that all four choices are first round draft choices and make Kevin Colbert the MVP.

  • Anonymous

    “Branch played for the Patriots from 2002 to 2005 and won a Super Bowl MVP award. He’s played in Seattle since 2006 and never became the No. 1 receiver the Seahawks hoped he would be.

    “Now he’s back with his original team, and Tom Brady’s new target is one of his favorite old targets.”

    Remarkably like Randle El.

    • FW

      They got a R3 pick for Moss and gave up a R4 for Branch.

      So, really, the Genius that is Belichicky saw Moss and Branch as roughly equivalent at this point in their careers.

    • FW

      They got a R3 pick for Moss and gave up a R4 for Branch.

      So, really, the Genius that is Belichicky saw Moss and Branch as roughly equivalent at this point in their careers.

      • Anonymous

        Makes me wonder is the Steelers couldn’t have given them Holmes for something better.

  • Randy Steele

    While shopping the Strip District last weekend for some unusual unlicensed sportswear, I was disappointed in the quality of the designs and slogans, which gave me an idea: Why don’t you guys take a whack at marketing some of your own?

    If you have some clever slogans (and I’m sure you do), you can email “Cafe Press” and get the shirts, hats, mugs, or whatever designed, silk-screened, and shipped by them. If you know a designer or two who works cheap, you could skip Cafe Press’ boilerplate designs and come up with some cool, unique stuff of your own.

    You could then advertise the gear on your site for your loyal fans to buy and wear. Maybe you could work a deal with your fellow blogsters on other websites to display and sell your gear, too.

    The downside: You won’t make much money from this project (Cafe Press has built quite a nice little racket for themselves). But the good news is that you won’t be out-of-pocket any major costs either. Plus you won’t have to store and ship the stuff.

    Of course, you don’t have a big enough audience yet for this idea to really take off, but so what? Think of it as brand-building. Plus it would be fun.

    • ryan

      That’s a great idea. Seriously, Randy, we should probably hire you as our manager.

  • SteelerBill

    Surely you saw the pre-game show where Suzy Kolber compared Favre’s dealing with the texting issue to the night he played after his father passing away…..Pretty brutal

  • Anonymous

    Wait a minute, are you saying that Favre’s 500th career touchdown was a pick six? Man, I wish that were so.

  • Bigswa

    I agree 100000000% percent – That’s why I coined him the Positive Hostage years ago. BTW, Dan Patrick took the term and used on his show. I hate DP – :-)

  • Bob Costas

    Big story at SI about agents paying college players.

    To save time for the lazy, Joel Steed and Santonio Holmes are the only Steelers named.