Morning Links (and Daily Thread)…

A quick daily look at what’s happening around Steelers Nation. And consider this your open thread for discussing the days events and, well, anything else that comes to mind about the Black and Gold.

– If you could pick one player from the Browns to play for your team, who would you pick: Joe Thomas or Josh Cribbs?

– Your quarterly AFC team-by-team breakdown. [D.C. Steelers Nation]

– It appears that Santonio Holmes may have been making some money while playing football at Ohio State. College football players getting paid under the table? I’m shocked by this. SHOCKED! [Sports Illustrated]

– Check out the latest Steel Curtain Radio Podcast. [Steel Curtain Radio]

– And for your random YouTube of the day: Over three minutes of James Harrison sacking that Browns fan.

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  • steeler junky

    Joe Thomas

  • Dr Obvious

    Joe Thomas. Elite LT’s have a longer shelf life than elite special teams aces.

    • Anonymous

      Same answer. Same reason.


        Joe Thomas. And it isn’t even close. Special teamers, no matter how good they are, are nowhere near the value that you get from an Elite LT.

    • countertorque

      I think calling Cribbs a special teams ace is being unfair to him. I think he’s a better version of Randle El. However, I still go with Joe Thomas. The steelers need elite linemen much more than they need an elite slash player.

  • Smheart78

    One of the best anti-Baltimore rants I’ve heard in quite some time!
    “If I spend all season pissed at Housh’s catch over the middle, I’m going to swallow some antifreeze. Words elude me when I try to summon the hatred I have for the Ravens and their fans. Well, let’s try:

    I hate Edgar Allen Poe, that dark bastard deserved the cold, self-loathing existence he had. WHO NAMES THEIR TEAM AFTER A POET?!? Someone told me the mystery around his death remains unclear to this day. I punched that someone in the throat because I know what killed him: Being in Baltimore. If I were born in or around Baltimore, and survived my crack whore mother’s rearing, I would probably kill myself. But knowing my luck, some out of state Johns Hopkins student would probably save my pathetic, Dundalk, sewage-swilling life. But, I know one thing I would NOT do. I would NOT be a Ravens fan. I would NOT back a team that was stolen by a money-grubbing owner with no allegiance and slapped with a new coat of pre-menopausal paint. Basically, unless you are under the age of 8 you don’t have an excuse for being a Ravens fan. You’re a johnny come lately or a traitor. With like 5 STDs. And you probably touch kids where they pee.

    Old Bay. That’s all that’s good in Baltimore. That’s it.”
    -D.C. Steeler Nation

  • ryan

    I actually made the case last February or so that the Steelers should trade the No. 18 pick for Josh Cribbs because a) he’s a multi-dimensional badass and b) he’d make the Steelers special teams job easier by not scoring 3-4 TDs against them a year.

    I was half-kidding — but also sorta serious — although, in retrospect, there’s no way I’d advocate for it.

    • RoB D

      It’s a measure of my respect for Cribbs that I actually would have considerd taht trade. Great player but I’d still go with Joe Thomas obviously.

      Watching Pouncey play this year, you come to realize that not having the middle of line collapse most plays makes …errrr..quite a difference in things like the running game. I am drooling thinking of what Ben will do with that extra roomy pocket.