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A quick daily look at what’s happening around Steelers Nation. And consider this your open thread for discussing the days events and, well, anything else that comes to mind about the Black and Gold.

– Maybe I’m part of the problem because I figured James Harrison might get a fine for one or both hits against the Browns. But because, you know, this is football, I didn’t think it would go beyond that. Yeah, I was wrong. The NFL, apparently just realizing that this a violent sport, will now start suspending people for what they deem dangerous hits.

I tweeted it yesterday but I’ll repeat it here: I have no issue with the league suspending Deebo. Not because I think he should be suspended (he shouldn’t), but because I’m guessing it’ll just make the Steelers angrier and better. If they can win without Ben, they can win without James. Anyway, Browns fans/media aren’t happy. Shocker, I know. [Gigler for the Post-Gazette]

– Keisel’s out for the Dolphins game and maybe more. If nothing else, perhaps we’ll get a longer look at Ziggy. [Trib-Review]

– Just like the four previous games, the defense does it again [Behind the Steel Curtain]

– And for your Random YouTube Magic, a short trip in the Steelers Lounge Time Machine, back to Week 17 of the 2009 season. Also known as: The Last Time Pat White Played in the NFL. (And, yes, Ike should be suspended as well. HELMET TO HELMET WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.)

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  • Anonymous

    Ike should be suspended for that hit. For the entire 2009 playoffs.

    • ryan

      Haha. Awesome. I completely agree.

  • Anonymous

    Y’know, some folks are making a big deal about Harrison’s injured vs hurt comments.

    He wants his hits to hurt so the opponents will short-arm passes, run away from him, not towards him, etc. That is good defense.

  • Cols714

    Eh, Harrison should just be quiet and hope that he doesn’t get suspended. I don’t think the hits were particularly dirty, but he has a reputation and adding to that isn’t going to help matters. We might think it’s a funny quote (it is)l, but if the refs throw a 15 yarder on something questionable in an important game we are all going to be pissed.

    In other news, I’ll be in the Pittsburgh area during the Oakland Raiders game. Does anyone have extra tickets they are wanting to sell? I’m looking for two anywhere in the stadium.

  • David

    No Keisel hurts. Am I the only one thinking Ziggy is underachieving? Haven’t heard his name in a long time during a game.

    • Bob Costas

      When was the last time you heard Aaron Smith’s, Casey Hampton’s or Kiesel’s names during a game?

      • John S.

        Heard Kiesel’s name once or twice during the 80 yard interception return.

  • eddie

    i’m glad you showed the IKE hit here. this is a classic example of over-legislation that the NFL could end up doing. white ducks down at the last minute (albeit to brace for impact). ike doesn’t leave his feet. and ike leads with his left shoulder.

    on the massaquoi hit, the receiver did the same thing, ducking at the last minute. so as a defender, you aim for the middle, but then the offensive player changes, so there’s no chance for you to react. deebo lead with his freaking arms, for goodness sake!

    many of the helmet-to-helmet shots where when the hittee’s head snaps forward on impact, and then runs into the hitters helmet (ala hines ward on keith rivers).

    if deebo gets fines, it’ll be another example of goodell not knowing what to actually do, but instead reacting to the public. get a freaking spine if you are going to be a leader!

  • eddie

    one more quick note, if deebo gets suspended (which, again, he better not), that might be more devastating because keisel is also going to be out. so the whole right side is going to be inexperienced, and miami will surely be running a lot more wildcat plays to that side i would imagine.

    wildcat doesn’t work against disciplined patient defenses. two backups on the right side doesn’t equal disciplined and patient. could be hazardous.

    ziggy will be in diesel’s spot. who takes harrison’s – worilds? that could be pretty bad.

  • ryan


    Deebo won’t be suspended. The rules (except for Brandon Meriweather, it seems) go into effect starting Week 7. I’m sure he’ll get fined though.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    The AFC has lots of pretty good teams again this year.  At least two of the following teams will not make the playoffs: 
    NYJ 5-1
    NE 4-1
    PIT 4-1
    BAL 4-2
    HOU 4-2
    TEN 4-2
    IND 4-2

    • Bob Costas

      Houston for sure won’t make it. Their defense sucks.

    • John S.

      Am I missing something? I see 7 teams listed. Looks like one one of them definitely won’t make the playoffs, but the other six could.

      • John S.

        Don’t answer that. Just figured it out.

    • David

      Easy, my money would be on:

      TEN, HOU, NYJ to not make the playoffs, in that order.

  • Anonymous

    Good stuff from Prisuta and Labriola regarding the issue of hits.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    Outside of the Ravens game and garbage time, our D and ST have given up zero TDs.

  • Carl Natale

    Ray Anderson, NFL’s VP of football operations, says the Harrison hit on Massaquoi should have been flagged. Do I remember correctly that was the same play when a Browns player kicked the ball off the field and got a delay of game penalty? It would have offset the Harrison penalty.

    Yeah that would have been an effective deterrent. Actually it would have been a more effective illustration of how futile it is for the NFL to try to make the game safer.

    I don’t thing the solution is ejecting players, stiffer fines, suspensions or better helmets. The problem is that this is football. The same sport that named Harrison defensive player of the year two years ago. And he’s the same player he was then. This game celebrates and encourages hard-hitting action.

    The stakes are too high for Harrison or any other player to play any other way. He had to lay out Cribs and Massaquoi. Ward has to hit hard enough to break someone’s jaw. There’s no way the Steelers could let the Browns win. That would mean two losses to divisional opponents. That could have dire consequences when it comes time for deciding who goes to the playoffs. So every play is do or die.

    We cannot condemn any player for doing what it takes to win each game. It’s what the game demands.

    • drinkingclub

      I don’t think a personal foul penalty on Harrison would have offset the delay of game penalty on the Browns.

  • ryan

    Carl,Great point. Funny you should mention that because I just went postal on this (and related) topics.