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A quick daily look at what’s happening around Steelers Nation. And consider this your open thread for discussing the days events and, well, anything else that comes to mind about the Black and Gold.

– Another week, another controversy. This time the fumble call in the fourth quarter. Hey, Miami: You lost because you had three trips to the red zone, including two drives that started IN the red zone, and came away with three field goals instead of touchdowns. That’s why teams lose games.

We talked about that, and many other things during Steelers Lounge Podcast #11. [Us]

– Anyway, the big news is that defensive end Aaron Smith is apparently done for the season. [Pittsburgh Post Gazette]

– And now, onto the recaps: Steelers Narrowly Edge Dolphins. [Behind The Steel Curtain]

– And speaking of the conspiracy theorists… [D.C. Steeler Nation]

– Conspiracy Works Out For Steelers… [One For The Other Thumb]

– 12 thoughts on Steelers vs. Dolphins [Mondesi's House]

– Steelers vs. Dolphins Post Game Quick Hitters [Post Game Heroes]

– Dale Lolley has some thoughts. [NFL From The Sidelines]

– And for your random YouTube of the day: Mike Wallace doing what Mike Wallace does. Making big plays and catching touchdowns.

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  • Cols714

    Just to repeat what I said earlier, Doug Legursky deserves a huge raise for jumping in the pile at the end. If he doesn’t, the Dolphins have clear recovery of the ball.

  • Smheart78

    Everything about that Wallace TD makes me smile. At the beginning of the play the corner starting cheating backwards and was already turned backwards by the time the snap was made. The corner saw the play the whole way and still couldn’t make the play. Wallace handing the ball to the kid in the back of the endzone just increased Steeler Nation by 1 and Ben just basking in the fun of his new Santonio Holmes at the end topped this play off.

  • Randy Steele

    Yes, there were lots of injuries yesterday and we might have lost Aaron Smith for… well, like forever. But it’s already seven weeks into the NFL season and lots of teams are hurting and hurting badly, including the one we’ll be facing next Sunday.

    It’s time to hunker down, toughen up, and play the hand your dealt. For better or for worse, the Ziggy Hood era begins.

  • Cols714

    I have a feeling that without Smith and Woodley, that side of the defense will be targeted on running plays.

  • GlennW

    100% agreed with Randy. At some point we were going to have to come to terms with the fact that the 34-year-old Aaron Smith can’t play forever. That time has apparently been accelerated to right now, even if this point hadn’t already been made in two of the previous three seasons when Smith went down. I think this defense can work around this loss if as an entire unit it stays relatively healthy, unlike last season. Other teams have lost key players as early as training camp. Basically I don’t think anyone should succumb to the woe-is-us mentality, and I’m not worried that the team is thinking that way. Not yet, at least. In any case, it’s a 16-game test where if your team qualifies for the postseason, all that really matters is what the squad looks like going into the playoffs. The Steelers are taking advantage of the front end, which is great because they may need that cushion later.

  • Cols714

    And of course FO decides to focus on Ben’s fumbles and decide that he’s not a top 5 QB. I don’t really see how he isn’t.
    I’d take him over pretty much every QB in the NFL, but to be fair, Manning, Brady, and who else. Maybe last year Brees.

    • GlennW

      At this point I like Roethlisberger over Brady, even if I don’t account for their ages. Brady hasn’t looked all that great to me this season, missing some throws in an un-Brady-like fashion, which of course means that Peter King has him at #1 in his MVP selections. Idiot.

      • Cols714

        I agree. I’d take him over Manning as well. I was trying to figure out 5 QBs better than Ben and I can’t. Of course the FO guys don’t seem to like him very much.

        • ryan

          Well, they loved Kevin Kolb prior to this weekend, and were really high on Jason Cambpell and Kellen Clemens coming out of college. That’s three. Throw in Brady and Manning, and there ya go.

          • Gretz

            FO kind of jumped the shark for me a while ago (assuming Jumping The Shark hasn’t Jumped The Shark … which I’ve heard it has). I mean, I still check it out but it seems that unless something agrees with their numbers 100% it’s pretty easily dismissed. And, hell, I’m a numbers guy but I don’t think things are as black-and-white as they seem to make them at times.

          • Bob Costas

            I think FO’s problems started when they lost all their good writers. MDS, Tanier, etc. The people they have now are several tiers down from those guys. I look at their numbers but have become completely uninterested in their opinions.

            Come to think of it that pretty much is my take on PFT. I like their updates but don’t even bother to read any piece of opinion from Florio.

  • SteelerBill

    I think the issue with the FO folks is that once they put an opinion out there – they are afraid to change it at all. The reality is that Ben drove that team down the field and put them in a position to win, period. After 4 weeks off the man had a 130 passer rating yesterday and after two weeks has a passer rating of 121.

    If I recall correctly didn’t Brady make a similar attempted throw in the Super Bowl versus the Giants?

  • SteelerBill

    To further the thought then how is Brees a top 5 QB playing as the defending Super Bowl champion at home versus the Browns and throwing 4 INT’s? Including 3 in the first half alone?

  • drinkingclub

    Unleash Ziggy Hood!

  • Wildbill99

    27 pass plays, 19 run attempts.

    Arians and Ben have said screw you to Rooney and the Steelers fans

    we have been on a slide since Ben came off suspension we no longer go out and play football (move the chains and SCORE) we are an airshow in Arians hope he will be a head coach someday

    Ben and Arians suck!

    Couldn’t find 5 QB’s better than ben

    If you take the mid five with the talent steelers have and they would PLAY football by moving the chains and SCORING

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    Can we add a thumbs down button?

  • ryan

    Clearly, Wildbill99 is doing satire.