Morning Links (and Daily Thread)…

A quick daily look at what’s happening around Steelers Nation. And consider this your open thread for discussing the days events and, well, anything else that comes to mind about the Black and Gold.

– It’s Friday, and that means it’s prediction time for Sunday. I’ve had this game penciled in as a loss since the schedule came out. The Saints haven’t exactly looked impressive this season, but that’s still a tough place to play, especially in prime time. If the Steelers are going to lose one on this road trip, the NFC game would be the preferable one. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with winning them all, either.

– Hey! Look who is on the cover of Sports Illustrated! Oh … it’s about big hits. [Mondesis' House]

– Craig Wolfley talks about the time L.C. Greenwood challenged him. [Craig Wolfley's Blog]

– More on Ziggy Hood and the test he’s going to get on Sunday night. [Pittsburgh Post Gazette]

– And for your random YouTube of the day: No. 83 getting the job done.

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  • steeler junky

    If the Steelers have success runing the ball this week? I predict Steelers 27 – Saints 24.
    If the Steelers don’t have success running the ball, I predict Saints 27 – Steelers 20

  • Anonymous

    Where is Heath’s eighty-seven yard TD from Batch in the opening game of 2006?

  • SteelerBill

    The article in this week’s SI was pretty good… wasn’t slanted – Ryan Clark was quoted – but it did not provide many answers nor alternatives. The only real answer was to utilize a harness much like they do in NASCAR. I’d like to see addressed the use of mouth guards and the new helmets…..

  • Cols714

    Steelers 31-24

  • FW

    Steelers D needs to hustle up some turnovers. Maybe we don’t pick Brees 4 times, but the Browns aggressively jumped routes for the kill shot. Rather see Troy in that role than getting stuffed at the LOS on a blitz.

    We can stake a lead in this game, but can we hold it in the 4Q? That’s what scares me. Usually do a pretty good job against opponents’ WR1 and WR2, and less stellar against the TE and WR3+. So expect leading receivers to be Devery Henderson and Jeremy Shockey, rather than Marques Colston or Lance Moore. Expect David Thomas to get a few too.

    A Steelers ground game would keep the ball away from Brees. That in mind, I expect Arians to try to win a shootout.

    Saints 27, Steelers 24

    • FW

      Of course, the Saints are thin at DB, with Porter, Greer and Jenkins all dinged. So maybe a shootout doesn’t sink us?

  • eddie

    ben has been very careless with the ball these first two weeks back, & it’s going to “haunt” him on sunday. i think the saints D push the issue and get two picks, and breesus exposes the steelers pass D. i don’t think the saints have to have success rushing against us…

    saints 31, steelers 17

    hey, we can still make the super bowl at 14-2… a loss this weekend will assuredly drop us at least 5 spots in all those useless “power rankings” and maybe get us off the radar again, where we thrive.

  • David

    This game should be a loss for us, b/c of their passing and our inability to rush the passer and defend the pass. Also, b/c they lost badly to the Clowns.

    That being said, w/o any Anthony Smith-isms by Sunday, I like our chances b/c of Ben and our injured are playing (Hotel, Woodley, Essex). Also, Troy is overdue for a big play or plays.

    I say 38-31 (same score as last time).

  • countertorque

    Steelers 30-24

  • ROb D

    I would hope the Steelers would be able to run the ball well and win the time of possesion game. I am worried about the lack of pressure applied in the Miami game although I know that Miami has some xcellent talent along the O-line. I don’t relish getting in a shootout with the Saints. I really think they are due for a breakout game and I would rather keep the ball on the ground a lot..get the lead etc…the usual Steeler type road win.

    But I have a feeling they are going to throw a lot in this one and that’s not what will beat the Saints IMO.

    Steelers are due for a loss to a good/great team on the road who are itching to get back on the winning track.

    Saints 24 Steelers 13

  • David

    “Now we’ll see what you’re made of. Anybody can play this game healthy.”

    That, my friends, is a great quote. Here’s hoping Ziggy can respond.