NFL Unveils Plan to Teach Defenders Proper Technique

I ranted, raved and arm-waved yesterday about all the double-talk coming from the NFL concerning player safety. Eighteen hours later and I’m over it.

I’m now channeling my energies into truly noble endeavors: childish Photoshop hack jobs. (Added bonus: YouTubes of the NFL and NFL-related products glorifying violence! And in case you missed it: flow charts!)

"This is how you're supposed to 'bring down' a runner coming across the middle, James. Just pull the flag! Pay no attention to the disinterested kids in the background, or the 'WTF?!' look on Tony Dungy's face."

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  • eddie

    if you are going to show how the nfl glorifies its violence, look no further than nfl films and to something you posted in the links a few days ago:

    nfl films presents… the top 10 most feared tacklers.

    can you guys go through those videos and determine how many of them (92%?) are deemed illegal today?

  • Fins4Ever

    James Harrison, Ryan Clark, Hines Ward are all pieces of S%^&T dirty players. Your QB is a rapist Harrison got what he deserved. We are gonna beat the livin’ shit outta you a-holes this weekend.