Steelers vs. Browns: Game Thread

The Steelers return from their bye week and Ben Roethlisberger returns from his suspension. The Steelers are in a better position than anybody thought they would be at this point, and now it’s time to really get things moving.

This is your game thread, so go nuts.

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  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    What’s Ben’s record against the Browns? 9-2?

  • Anonymous

    GameCenter says Hayden was run down by Flozell. Can this be?

    • Anonymous

      Kind of. He ran by Flozell who reached out and pulled him off his feet.

  • Anonymous

    This is Ben’s twelfth game against the Browns. Following are some stats. (I hope the columns come out straight.)

    Games			11	5
    Attempts		280	125
    Completions		173	82
    %			61.8	65.6
    Yards			2434	1261
    TDs			15	7
    Interceptions		8	4
    PASSER RATING		95.74	104.12
    - completion		12.49	29.67
    - yards			23.72	29.53
    - TDs			17.86	18.67
    - INTs			27.68	26.25

    Ben’s passer rating is highest against the Browns within the division, but his completion percentage is better against the Bengals.

    Ben’s worst game against the Browns was not the one he lost last year, but the one he won in 2006. (The other game in 2006, he was injured and C. Batch won the game). Ben threw three interceptions, including one for a touchdown. The Steelers won that game 24-20 with three TDs in the fourth quarter, the last one with 39 seconds left (a four yard pass to Parker). After the first of those three fourth quarter TDs, Josh Cribbs returned the kickoff 92 yards for a TD.

    Go Steelers

    • Anonymous

      Sorry the columns didn’t come out straight. I hope it’s clear anyway.

    • ryan


      Steelers Lounge: Where customer service is our first priority*

      * clearly a lie

      • Anonymous

        Thank you.