Steelers vs. Dolphins: Game Thread

So many things to look for today. Ben Roethlisberger in his first road game of the season. How many times James Harrison (or any player) gets flagged for unnecessary roughness. How the Steelers handle Ronnie Brown, Cameron Wake and Brandon Marshall.

This is your game thread. Enjoy it. And, as always, go nuts.

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  • Anonymous

    Ben’s passer rating against the Dolphins – in three previous games – is 98.99. This is by far the highest rating that Ben has against AFC East teams.

    In the three games, Ben has had seventy pass attempts with 48 completions (68.6%) and the completion component of the passer rating is 32.14.

    The other three components are more pedestrian – yardage 20.12 (548 yards), touchdowns 19.05 (4 TDs) and interceptions 21.68 (2 INTs).

    His best game was the one that closed out 2009, when he was 18 of 27 for 220 yards, 3 TDs and no INTs for a passer rating of 128.63. He was sacked three times for nineteen yards.

    For those who do not recall, Ben’s first game against the Dolphins was the hurricane game, his first start ever, and the second was the Monday night rain game which featured a punt that landed in the mud. Jeff Reed won that one 3-0 from 24 yards with seventeen seconds left, after having missed a 44 yard FG near the end of the third quarter. In that miserable game, Ben was sacked five times for thirty-three yards.


    • Steve

      As I recall, Peezy had a pick in that game for the Dolphins. After the pick, he jabbed himself in the chest and shouted to the Steelers’ sideline, “You could’a had me!”.

  • Canadian Steeler

    Marshall Faulk just called Ben the most overrated player in the league, when everyone else was discussing players like Palmer and Romo. He cited the first SB and said the second was all Santonio. The guy just hates the Steelers though. In week 1, he picked the Falcons saying “people have figured out Dick LeBeau’s defense”. It was a close game so obviously picking the Falcons wasn’t a bad pick, but there are actual sensible arguments to make.

    Best part of it was Rich Eisen looking on speechless.

  • Tjfinn

    The Fins are gonna run at Ziggy and Nick Eason all day. If they don’t play well it’s gonna be a long day. Here’s your chance Ziggy, show us why you were a no.1.

  • ryan

    Marshall Faulk does have a weird thing about the Steelers. No idea what it’s about. Whatever.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    Taking our talents to South Beach (or nearby, at least): Steelers 24 – Dolphins 13.

  • Anonymous

    After Ward TD pass, Ben’s passer rating 120.67. With a couple of drops.

  • IsraelP

    Ben’s passer rating now 149.70.

  • Brandon

    a REVERSE during a 2 minute drill?! Are we serious BA?!?!?!?!?!

  • Anonymous

    First half passer ratings – Ben 154.95, Henne 100.63.

  • Anonymous

    Can we stop asking why Mewelde Moore is taking up a roster spot?

  • ryan


    I made a case for MeMo in the game recap. It’s live!