Steelers Lounge Podcast #12: Steelers-Saints Preview — This One’s for You, Terry

That’s right, it’s another Steelers Lounge podcast. We preview the Saints game, talk about who should be the odd man out to make room on the roster for Steve McLendon (or whoever ends up adding defensive line depth), the mediocrity that is the right guard position, and outta nowhere a discussion about Limas Sweed’s future in Pittsburgh.

And that’s just the first 15 minutes.

Steelers Lounge Podcast #12: Steelers-Saints Preview

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Bigswa

    It’s simple. The offense will be successful if they can Pass Protect effectively.

  • Bigswa

    They ran 16 times on 1st Down. The running game is a victim of Arians. They need to be more diversified on 1st down. They are too tilted to the run on 1st Down. They run it about 60% of the time on 1st down. I would like to see it 50/50 or close to it.

  • Bigswa

    LOL :-) Limas Sweed discussion – LOL

  • steeler junky

    Thank You; there was some very interesting points on the Steelers offense and defense.
    The Saints have a 43 defense, run the ball a lot, wear them down, Keep Brees off the field and good things will happen

  • John S.

    Ha. Thank for the shout out. I wasn’t actually jogging while listening to this one, but now I am inspired to do it for the SL crew.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    JJ, you mentioned that your wife pointed out that you say “you know” alot. I didn’t notice. But Hannah Storm, on the 30 for 30 podcast with Bill Simmons, said it dozens and dozens of times. And she’s been a broadcaster for decades. It is worth keeping in mind, but I wouldn’t drive yourself crazy about it.