Steelers vs. Ravens: Game Thread

OK, folks. It’s game day, and it’s the biggest game of the season so far, not just because it’s the Ravens, but also because it’s the next game.

This is your game thread. Embrace it. Love it. Go nuts.

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    Good news. The Mrs is going out with a girlfriend, so I can have the TV and watch Steelers on Middle East TV, on satellite from Cyprus. (Fox is showing Carolina and New Orleans.)

    Needless to say, I’ll have AudioPass (Bill & Tunch) on the headphones. And GameCenter.

    This is going to be a big win. I’ll be conservative and say 27-13, but I think it will be better.


      Meanwhile, in Monterrey, Mexico…I will be attending a Ballet function by kickoff time, I Know I will make it back home by the fourth quarter, so, at least I will see that and the overtime…it’s going to be close…

      • IsraelP

        At 11AM? Sounds like a chid’s recital.


          Actually, it was pretty good, the Ballet de Monterrey is very pro, I took my wife and my 4 year older, that’s taking dancing lessons, just remember that we at at central not EST…well, I was able to catch the 4th quarter via radio and the last 2 minutes on TV…it seems that it was a heartbreaker, but I am yet to see the highligts…anyway, 3-1 without Ben, that is something to build upon, and I am confident on this team going forward…

  • Neal

    Pretty sure I booed the lead singer of the band we saw last night when he said he was from Baltimore. I made the motion of waving a Terrible Towel and he flicked me off. I reminded him that the Ravens suck (he seemed to have forgotten). Then he bought me a beer.

    Should I have accepted it? In retrospect, I thinking no…

  • Randy Steele

    The decision to toss Batch on the trash heap during pre-season is looking dumber and dumber.

  • Cols714

    The end kind of sucked. Oh well, I’m over it already.

    Did anyone else think that the LT of the Ravens, Oher, was false starting on seemingly every pass play?

    • Neal

      I was wondering that myself. Watching it again, it was pretty close, but I think it was more that he was really exaggerating his initial drop into pass protection. The refs didn’t call it, so whaddya do?