Steelers vs. Saints: Game Thread

It’s our first prime time game of the season, and it’s taking us to New Orleans for a game with the defending Super Bowl champions. That should make it, if nothing else, a very interesting environment.

Let’s get it at. This is your game thread. Enjoy it, and as always, go nuts.

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  • Anonymous

    I’ll be listening to Green Bay announcers during the early game. Steelers are 2:20 AM here, so no competition for the TV, but will have Bill and Tunch on as well.

    Ben has played once before against New Orleans. His line was 17 of 28 for 264 yards, three TDs and no interceptions. Passer rating of 127.68, 15.5 yards per completion, two sacks for fourteen yards. I think we’ll all take that again in a heartbeat.

    That is not Ben’s best passer rating against the NFC South. The loss to Atlanta was 147.35.


  • JB

    I’m worried about the Jets game now, especially without Smitty. Those guys can really run the ball and even despite not having scored any points today, the line is really coming off the ball well.

    • Randy Steele

      Actually, I thought the Jets looked pretty mediocre today and displayed their fatal flaw. Yes, their defense plays very well, but it will be light years–if ever–before Sanchez is considered a game-changing quarterback.

      And Rex Ryan, like his father, is one of those head coaches who loves playing defense so much that he can never really respect and trust his offense. And as a consequence, he ever never earn the respect and trust of those players on offense.

  • Anonymous

    No TV. Damn World series.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    I have a feeling that today will resemble SB XL, with lots of dink and dunk completions against us. Hopefully we’ll have the same result. So I’ll go with the same score: Steelers 21- NFC opponent 10. And an ARE TD pass to Hines.

    Also, today is certainly the only time in the last several years that I’ve rooted for Favre.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    Oh, and the last time we played on Halloween, my son was dressed as Ben. We DVRed the game and watched it after our kid’s bedtime. We kinda knew it would have a good result because during trick or treating in NYC, several people said things like, “Wow, you are having a good game.” Not much is as sweet as stomping the Pats.

  • SteelerBill

    Ok folks…Happy Halloween…..let’s make this happen…I’m surprisingly calm before this game…

  • Randy Steele

    O-line looks over-matched. Third-and-long is going to be tough tonight.

  • Also Eddie

    El sure knows how to wave his arm for fair catch!

    • Randy Steele

      Eddie, what else is he suppose to do? Every punt he’s taken he’s had a gunner staring him in the grill.

  • Cols714

    Ben looks very nervous in the pocket.

    Tomlin needs to start figuring out how to manage the clock at the end of the half. 3rd and 20, it’s a 50 yard FG. They could run for 3-4 yards, force the Saints to use a TO and try a closer FG.

    That’s twice now he’s screwed up at the end of the half.

    • B Meekins

      i dont think you can blame him for the 3rd and 20 call….the ball bounced right off hines’ hands.

  • SteelerBill

    Ben should be nervous in the pocket – he doesn’t have time to throw….

    And can’t blame Tomlin for that kick – if Skippy wants to get paid he needs to make those – it was in a Dome for God’s sake

  • Anonymous

    Well, at least the conspiracy theories regarding the officiating in favor of the Steelers will all end now. Geez.

  • B Meekins

    a fake reverse screen on 2nd and 17…. wow.

  • Cols714

    Well, gonna be tough to come back. Not the Steelers best effort on offense. Just when they got a rhythm and it looked like they were figuring out the Saints, Miller fumbled the ball. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him fumble before.

    Looks like we can look for a week of Bruce Arians bashing, although I’m not sure what exactly he’ll be blamed for. The OL was overmatched in pass protection in the first half and couldn’t get any sort of push to get a TD from the half yard line.

    I’m sure people will figure out something though.

  • SteelerBill

    Very true Cols….

  • TO

    The beginning of the end. Dline looks pathetic. Oline not much better. Troy has done nothing all year. Farrior as well. The biggest blunder was signing Hampton to a huge deal. He has done less than anyone. This team will be lucky to make the playoffs.

  • TO

    And what was the point of signing McLendon? Did he even dress?

  • B Meekins

    Bruce Arians called a good game? I mean no you can’t blame him for the Oline not giving ben time to throw the ball or the defense watching the saints catch the football but damn, some of the play calling was pathetic.

    • Cols714

      Who said Arians called a good game? I’m just pointing out that once again message boards will be filled up with crazy amounts of bitching about Arians. Really though the Steelers lost this game when they couldn’t score from the half yard line, when they didn’t get closer for a FG at the end of the half, causing a 6 point swing when the Saints used the short field to their advantage and when Miller fumbled.

      Just a few breaks that didn’t go their way. Not that they played their best, especially on offense. But it seemed like it was mostly Ben just being a little bit off. He looked nervous in the pocket and really (duh this is what he does) held onto the ball too damn long verse a fast Saints defense.

      I say screw it. It’s an NFC loss, at their house in primetime. Oh yeah and it was the defending champs. I’m not going to read much into this game.

      All they have to do is beat Cincy next week and they’ll come out 2-1 in a tough three game road trip. Any fan who wouldn’t be happy about that is really expecting too much from any team.

  • Cols714

    You are right. Losing to the Super Bowl champs in their house is definitely the sign of a team that is close to then end of its run. Nevermind the 28 year old QB, young receivers, young RB and good to great defense.

    Yep, definitely the beginning of the end.

    Steelers fans amaze me. It’s OK to lose some. It happens, the other team has players and cooridnators too. In this game, if the Steelers scored that TD and the ref doesn’t call Hines for a very weird offensive pass interference it turns out differently. Two good teams played almost to a draw, but the Saints caught a couple of more breaks.

    Shit happens, not the worst game to lose and definitely not the beginning of the end or any such nonsense.

    Get an ephing grip or go bitch elsewhere.

  • ktulu22

    If anybody doesn’t think Arians is a piss poor coordinator, they aren’t paying attention. We didn’t adjust to the blitz all… night… long. Where was Mike Wallace? Where were the quick slants? Where were the screens? Where the the dumps to Moore? Absolutely pathetic. Arians has no idea how to make adjustments and to call plays according to the defense. It’s like he puts on a blind fold and picks plays out of a bag.

    This whole game reminded me a lot of 2009. We should have been up a couple TDs and we let them hang around. And against a good team, it burns you sooner or later. Classic Steelers loss.

  • David

    I said it over at HSS, and I’ll say it again here. Tomlin costed us this game.

    His silly challenge on the return and his failure to challenge Mendy’s run on 2nd & G. IMO, he was in.

    His decision to attempt a 51 yd FG with 1 min in the half. Led to a Saint’s FG.

    His decision to go for it on 4th & 4. Led to a Saint’s TD.