DeMaurice Smith Speaks At ‘One Team Tour Tailgate Event’

We were pleasantly surprised to get invited to Tuesday’s One Team Tour Tailgate Event at the North Shore Saloon in Pittsburgh, featuring several current and former Steelers, as well as current leader of the NFL Players Association, DeMaurice Smith, and several union leaders from the local Pittsburgh area. Not only because somebody actually noticed what we’re doing here, but also because they thought enough of it to include us in such an event.

Of course, that’s also a testament to the growing number of readers we have every day. It’s simple: without readers, we don’t have a site to voice our opinions and make crude photoshop sketches.

Anyway, here are a few of the highlights from Tuesday’s event, as well as some footage of Smith rallying the fans and telling them they will get a new CBA completed. This was the third such event to take place around the country, having previously been held in Green Bay and Minnesota.

– The current Steelers players that made an appearance were Ryan Clark, Max Starks, Mewelde Moore and Charlie Batch. Didn’t get a chance to see many of the former players, but did run into four-time Super Bowl champion J.T. Thomas briefly. The whole purpose of the event was for the players to say thank you to fans and various union leaders throughout the city for all of their support.

After the initial speeches, the players were taking time to speak with fans and take all of the pictures people wanted. Speaking of which, I had attempted to snap some photos throughout the evening to post on the site, but my camera didn’t respond well to the lighting in the bar and the pictures ended up not turning out well.

As for the crowd, the turnout was excellent as the place was packed wall-to-wall for two floors.

– We gave Steelers Lounge readers an opportunity to win tickets to the event, and I made it a point to track down the winners as my own way of saying thanks because, as I told them, and as I just mentioned above, without people reading this thing — as well as sparking up debate and conversation in the comments — we don’t have a site.

– Along with food and drinks, and the opportunity to rub elbows with former and current players, there were also a number of raffles including Steelers helmets and jerseys. There were also gift bags given out that included “One Team” hats, bottle cozies, and a spatula that appeared to double as a bottle opener.

– And, finally, here’s some footage of Smith addressing the crowd…

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  • countertorque

    If you guys are looking for a new camera, we bought a Canon S90 about a year ago and it is specifically designed to kick ass in low light. We were in Vegas over the weekend and I took excellent pictures of the lions at the MGM Grand. We were inside a dim casino, shooting through glass, without a flash. No problem.