Michael Scott Demonstrates How We All Reacted When Heath Miller Fumbled

Ryan and I were talking this morning about how we’re always out of our minds when it comes to watching a Steelers game. Bat. Shit. Insane. And, of course, Sunday’s loss to the New Orleans Saints was the perfect example. Be honest, your night probably went a little something like this…

Pregame: Man, I’m not sure about this game. I’ve been thinking loss for this one all season. That’s a good football team, a primetime game on Halloween, and that stadium — and city — is a total freakshow. This could be tough.

Steelers take the lead, shut down the Saints offense for much of the first half, then fail to capitalize on the rarest of the rare — an Ike Taylor interception (he actually caught one! Another one!): Damnit, we needed a touchdown on that drive. We’re doing what the freakin’ Dolphins did last week, not a good sign.

Saints come out in the second half and build up a 13-3 lead early in the fourth quarter: Well, that should just about do it for this game. I can’t see this team scoring 10 more points the way they’re playing tonight. Let’s get ready for Cincinnati because this one is over.

Rashard Mendenhall responds by breaking loose on a touchdown run (random note: Anybody see Hines Ward signal touchdown as soon as Mendenhall broke through the line? Hilarious): OH MY GOD! YES. RIGHT BACK F@(#ING IN IT! JUST NEED A STOP ON DEFENSE.

Bryant McFadden brings the corner blitz, blasts Drew Brees and forces a fumble that’s recovered by the Steelers: BOOM! THERE IT IS. This game is OURS now! HAHA!

Ben completes a pass to a wide open Heath Miller, who is breaking tackles, running people over and into the clear: YES! GO. RUN! GOOOOOOOOO!

And then…

And, honestly, that pretty much sums it up.

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  • David

    Yep, count me in for that reaction. I was pretty much silent the whole game, then when Heath fumbled, I let out an “OMG”.

    My wife and kids then looked at me kind of funny, kind of like when you go to a wax museum and the wax guy doesn’t talk, then he moves and you kind of look at him like, “what the hell was that?”

  • SteelerBill

    That was good stuff…and a random thought for you – well something I wondered out loud here in my office where only my Big Ben and Jerome Bettis figurines could hear me – How much of this gets blamed ‘up top’ for forcing BA to be un-BA-like. Passing to set up the run is where we find success – we seem to be trying really hard to prove the opposite….


  • http://www.steelerslounge.com/ ryan


    • FW

      And send a third round pick to the Patriots for him.

      Not that we need to, since he’s been waived, but the Patriots are dangerously low on draft picks.

    • FW

      And send a third round pick to the Patriots for him.

      Not that we need to, since he’s been waived, but the Patriots are dangerously low on draft picks.

  • Cols714

    I pointed out to my wife that Ward signaled TD when Mendenhall was at like the 30 yard line. He then walked off the field, I’m not even sure he watched the rest of it.

  • David M

    I was at the game, and after the Miller catch the Steelers contingent was howling “HEEEEEAAAATH”. Suffice to say the drunken Saints nearby said “heath mocking us for the next 20 minutes after he fumbled. The Saits fan in front of me high fived my chest when I left him hanging. It was a long walk back to the hotel. Suffice to say New Orleans Saints fans are not gracious winners on Halloween night.

  • guest

    ugh. adam schefter reports that SF picked up Thaddeus Gibson

    • David

      That bites. Wrong move by our FO, IMO. Release ARE or Brown, not Gibson.

      • Warriorblitz

        +1 on releasing ARE…if you compare the potential upside of TG v. ARE it is a no brainer