James Harrison Fined $20,000 for Playing Football

There’s really not a whole hell of a lot to say about this that hasn’t been said in some form already: the NFL has fined James Harrison $20,000 for his late hit on Saints quarterback Drew Brees Sunday night.

Eight weeks into the 2010 season and that means that Deebo has, to borrow a line from Fletch, had $100,000 of his wages garnish-eed. So there’s that. It’s absurd, yes, but about what we have come to expect from Commissar Goodell.

When I saw the play live (and the subsequent replay) I wasn’t even sure it was a personal-foul penalty. JJ and Gretz both thought Harrison had done enough to deserve a flag and you would think the 15-yard penalty would be enough. Nope.

Thankfully, Mork Florio spells it out for us: “Here’s the deal, for anyone who wants to complain about the rules without, you know, reading them. Watch the video. Harrison drops his head and uses it to ram Brees in the back, after he has thrown a pass. The ball is out, Harrison can see that the ball is out, and he dips his head and hits Brees with his helmet/facemask.”

That doesn’t explain the $20,000, but, hey, let’s mark that up to repeat offending and semantics.

Deebo has made it clear that he doesn’t like forking over his dough to the NFL, but it doesn’t affect me one way or the other. The problem, however, will be when the league suspends Harrison. And you know it’s coming.

Luckily, the NFL’s method for meting out punishments is systematic and impartial. So nothing to worry abou– wait, what?

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  • RoB D

    My take on this: the term vicious used to mean something. That looked like a pedestrian, every other play type of contact.

    Unfortunately I don’t have the keen eyesight and judgement of the worst Commissar in NFL history.

    He’s my hero.

  • steeler junky

    And where is the fine for the helmet to helmet hit on Hines Ward in the end zone while he was up in the air and classified as a helpless WR?????????