Mike Tomlin Press Conference: Steelers-Bengals, the Talking Points

Mike Tomlin had his weekly press conference on Tuesday, and here are some of the talking points…

– They aren’t going to look at Cincinnati’s 2-5 record and make any judgments because they know what they’re capable of, especially against the Steelers. Most interesting thing about the Bengals offense is the contributions they’re getting from rookies Jermaine Gresham and Jordan Shipley. Described Shipley as playing like a “savvy veteran.” Defensively, he described their corners as playing equally well in man or zone.

– Injuries: “Relatively healthy group.” Issac Redman had an ankle sprain Sunday night but returned to the game. He might be limited this week early, but should be ready to go. Same thing with Flozell Adams. Might be limited early, but will be ready for Sunday. Other than that, everything is the same. It sounds like Brett Kiesel could be ready to go Sunday. “We’re extremely hopeful,” said Tomlin.

– “I thought Ziggy played well in the game, as did Nick Eason. He did well, he was in his gap and made the necessary plays when needed to.”

– Challenges were a big topic of discussion. Tomlin said if he sees a play on the field that he feels is worthy of a challenge, he will challenge it. If he gets information from above that tells him to challenge it, he will. If none of that happens, he’ll rely on the players on the field. Regarding the Mendenhall play at the goal line, he said there wasn’t much video evidence to make him challenge it, and none of the players on the field, including Mendenhall, did not feel it was worth challenging because none of them felt he crossed the goal line.

– Tim Benz asking dumb questions again. Something along the lines of, what was the difference in remaining consistent in 2008 as opposed to 2009. Tomlin answers: “Win.” Benz re-words the same question, Tomlin answers: “We Won.”

– On the possibility of James Harrison being fined: “he was penalized on the play, we moved on. it didn’t affect the outcome of the game.” He also doesn’t feel James is being targeted by the league.

– “I have a high level of trust with Jeff (Reed)”.

– Tomlin disappointed Gibson claimed, but realized it was a possibility and a nature of the business. He said he would take that risk again because they “had to.”

– On Trai Essex: “He was solid, room to improve.”

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  • GlennW

    I’m a little concerned about the James Harrison late-hit penalty and fine situation, and hope he doesn’t get set off again by any league action. The hit was late and I don’t mind if he’s fined for that. But Chris Mortensen’s (or another one of the talking head’s) report last night was that the league is looking into fining Harrison again as a repeat offender for using the “crown of his helmet”, which I think is BS. Harrison’s head was raised and Brees might have felt the top of his facemask. BFD. If the league is going to be all over this kind of incidental helmet contact to the midsection of the body, god help us all.

  • eddie

    i’m wondering why no one is talking about the ridiculous helmet to helmet on hines, the one where they decided to penalize hines for offensive PI… there better be a fine coming for the saints on that play.

    crap. i’m pissed again just thinking about that play…

  • http://www.steelerslounge.com/ ryan

    eddie,I brought that up on the podcast. Gretz mentioned that Hines’ PI was basically what Darrell Jackson did to Chris Hope in the Super Bowl, which I agree with, and in the end, it’s probably best the call went the way it did. Ticky tack? Sure, but whatever. it’s better than listening to all the whining about how the Steelers get every call.