Mike Tomlin Press Conference: The Talking Points, Patriots-Steelers

Mike Tomlin met with the media on Tuesday for his weekly press conference. Here are some of the talking points.

– Injuries: Will Allen had a concussion in the game, and may be limited the early portion of the week based on his tests. Brett Kiesel “couldn’t get it going” due to his hamstring injury. Chris Kemoateu has a knee sprain and will be limited early in the week. Heath Miller has “some fluid on his knee” and might be limited early on. Mewelde Moore and Isaac Redman both have consussions. Max Starks had some “stingers.” Holy crap (my words, not Tomlin’s).

– Tomlin is impressed with New England’s tight end situation, including rookie Aaron Hernandez. Commented on how they were impressed with him when they saw him at Florida’s pro day when they went to scout Maurkice Pouncey. And, of course, everything on their offense goes through Tom Brady. Very young defense for New England, and Tomlin spoke highly of their young linebackers Spikes and Cunningham (both Florida guys), and also commented that they held cornerback Devin McCourty in high regard during their draft preparation.

– If Moore or Redman can’t play, it could lead to an opportunity for Jonathan Dwyer (good thing they didn’t cut him for Steve McClendon, I guess).

– Tomlin liked the pressure from the defense for much of the night, but gave Palmer a lot of credit for making quick decisions and dictating the tempo and getting rid of the football.

– It was exciting to see the Steelers be able to chew the clock up and get first downs late in the game, but unfortunately weren’t able to get the field goal. “I like the mentality of the group, I like the way they seized that moment.”

– Monday’s injury situation along the offensive line will not change Tomlin’s philosophy, at least not now, about dressing seven offensive linemen instead of eight (a topic we actually discussed during Steelers Lounge Podcast #15).

– Tomlin said he felt it would be easier to take Ochocinco out of the game as opposed to Owens because he’s “the single receiver wideout.”

– Ziggy had a good night, according to Tomlin, and he also pointed out that Nick Eason played well and that “it’s an 11-man job” to shut down the run.

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  • steeler junky

    Who would in the world would they they waive to bring Dwyer up? They don’t have any one left but McClendon who would clear waivers and he is currently the # 5 D lineman. Sanders , Redman , Butler , Hills , Lewis or put Smith on IR. No good choices?

    • http://www.steelerslounge.com/ ryan

      I think if Moore was hurt and couldn’t go he’d just be inactive next Sunday night. Still on the 53-man roster, just not on the game-day roster. And Dwyer would replace him.

    • Gretz

      Dwyer is already on the 53-man roster. They wouldn’t have to waive anybody.

      • steeler junky

        Ya! I knew that as soon as I hit post.Brian Fart! Stayed up till after midnight watching game and got up at 4:30 am and went to work!