Mike Tomlin Press Conference: the Talking Points

Mike Tomlin had his weekly meeting with the media on Tuesday. Here are some of the talking points.

– “It was what was required” said Tomlin of the Steelers performance on Sunday. “Energy was awesome” and “plays were delivered from a variety of people in all three phrases.”

– Injuries: Antonio Brown has some swelling on his knee that will slow him down early in the week. His availability could be in danger for Sunday. Matt Spaeth has a concussion and will go through the concussion test. Troy’s injury is still the same and will follow a similar path this week, and it shouldn’t be an issue for him on Sunday. Will Allen is cleared to return. Maurkice Pouncey appears to be fine, may be limited somewhat early in the week. Brett Keisel is also expected to return on Sunday.

– Tomlin remarked the Steelers seem to run into teams when they’re getting hot — like Buffalo is now — and he embraces that because those are the types of teams you have to beat to get where you want to be. “We have to prepare to be at our best.”

– Ryan Fitzpatrick is familiar with the Steelers having started a couple of games against them. “He got after Cincinnati pretty good” and seems to be establishing something nice with his receivers. Speaking of the receivers, Tomlin said you may not be very familiar with them but when you turn the film on you quickly become familiar with them, especially Steve Johnson who already has nine touchdowns this season. “Fred Jackson is doing some nice things for them at running back.”

– Defensively kind of in flux from 3-4 to 4-3. High motor group up front on the line including Marcus Stroud. “Need to be prepared to deal with” linebacker Paul Posluszny. Solid group in the secondary and special teams has always been good in Buffalo.

– Reaction to Seymour fine: “None. I don’t have a reaction. I tend to focus on things that are relevant to our team.” “That’s between Richard Seymour and the NFL office.”

– On when to pull players with a big league: Depends on each individual game. The nature of the lead, how you’ve acquired the lead, are you controlling the line of scrimmage, what’s their personality like when they’re behind. “It makes each individual circumstance unique.”

– Ramon Foster earned another start. “Wasn’t perfect, but none of us were.”

– Ziggy is continuing to emerge and played over 50 snaps on Sunday. Showed “quality play.” “Consistent presence.”

– When asked if his players showed the proper restraint when their QB was sucker punched, Tomlin quickly responded, “your words, not mine.” I’m guessing in regard to “sucker punch.” Basically, he said they did what they needed to do in that situation.

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  • Anonymous

    Did the NFL apologize for any of the penalties yet? The calls on Woodley and Clark were obviously wrong, and I would argue the same about the Harrison one. Harrison’s checklist is getting long:
    * no helmet (check)
    * no tackling below the knee (check)
    * no tackling above the shoulder pads (check)
    * no tackling in the midsection (check)
    * definitely no complaining about having an arm wrapped around your neck on every other play (check)