Mike Tomlin Press Conference, Steelers-Ravens: the Talking Points

Mike Tomlin had his weekly meeting with the media on Tuesday. Here are some of the talking points.

– Couple of things that stood out reviewing the tape, including critical playmaking at critical times: Ben’s scramble was a significant, “uplifting play.” Delivered necessary plays at big times: Troy’s pick, forcing a field goal after Rashard’s fumble, and the defense in overtime dealing with the field position disadvantage. “Defending the blades of grass we had to defend.” He also pointed out Shaun Suisham’s field goals, as well as ROBO-PUNTER’s (he didn’t actually call him Robo-Punter) monster kick out of his own end zone. Tomlin liked the way they overcome adversity, even if some of it was self inflicted adversity.

“We can’t be as penalized as we’ve been and think we’ll be successful.”

– Injury updates: Antonio Brown worked out Tuesday and looked good, optimistic about participating this week. Nick Eason looks to be pretty good but might be limited early on in the week. Same can be said about Bryant McFadden and Ben Roethlisberger. Might be limited on Wednesday. Troy’s approach will be the same as it’s been the past couple of weeks. “Aaron Smith is a week better.” Matt Spaeth will have some post-concussion tests done. Brett Kiesel will be a full participant in practice.

– Regarding the Ravens: “Usual Steelers-Ravens.” “If you want to be a division winner you have to go on the road and win division games.” And then, a moment of zen: “The secret about this thing is there’s no secrets.”

– Tomlin called the Ben punt and also said he never felt Ben was in danger of coming out of the game. His early exit at the half and late arrival after was due to him “getting a picture taken” of his foot. Ed Bouchette asked about Ben getting roughed up under the pile and asked if he sent that to the league, to which Tomlin responded, “what I send to the league is between me and the league.” He then pretended he didn’t know which play Bouchette was asking about.

– Tomlin never considered replacing Chris K. even with all of his holding penalties.

– Ziggy has consistently been improving, “a young guy on the come.”

– On James Harrison needing to change the way he plays: “Obviously he does because the league doesn’t agree with him. My opinion doesn’t matter.” Tomlin didn’t address whether or not it was a textbook tackle (Ed Bouchette asked him if it was a textbook tackle).

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  • donewithnfl

    why wont anyone other then Troy stand up for Harrison, grow some balls Tomlin and and get behind your guys. Maybe it would be better for the team if harrison requested to be traded or did retire. Tomlin is obviously more afraid of being fined then Harrison is. He wont stand up to the league “thank you sir may I have another” is his attitude towards God-ell.

    • Anonymous

      Given the way that the league office is obviously reacting to Harrison and the Steelers, what difference do you think that Tomlin airing the dirty laundry in public would have? How would that make the Steelers look to both the league office and the officials?

      • donewithnfl

        I think it would look like the coach backed his players as a leader should, its not dirty laundry its supporting your guy, and at this point the league is a mess and who cares what the officials think, they cant react any worse to the steelers. Oh dont upset the apple cart screw god-ell and the officials lets play flag football instead