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A quick daily look at what’s happening around Steelers Nation. And consider this your open thread for discussing the days events and, well, anything else that comes to mind about the Black and Gold.

– I didn’t go to the game on Sunday, so there will be no View From 522 this week. I will say this, however. My dad and younger brother both commented on how loud and vocal the crowd was during that officiating display.

– Richard Seymour may have successfully done something a lot of people have wanted to do for a while now (punch Ben Roethlisberger in the face) but if he’s not suspended the league is an even bigger farce than I’ve given it credit for. If penalties like roughing the passer are getting $15,000 fines, I have to wonder what that will result in. He not only hit a QB late, he hit a QB in the head, and he did so by punching him. All three are no-no’s. Your move, Rog. [Me at FanHouse]

– Hey, here’s the latest Steelers Lounge podcast. [Us]

– Some quick reactions from the win. [Behind The Steel Curtain]

– Meet Tony Corrente. Note: It’s pointed out that Corrente lives near Oakland, and before you jump on that conspiracy train, keep in mind an official that is from the Pittsburgh area had similar things pointed out about him following the Miami game. I don’t think the officials on Sunday were doing anything to “fix” the game, I simply think they were incompetent at their job. As do a few other NFL writers, including Sports Illustrated‘s Peter King. [Mondesi's House]

– And another recap … [One For The Other Thumb]

– And for your random YouTube of the day: I’ve used this one before, but it just seems worth it again…

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  • Randy Steele

    I was at the game. My favorite part? The entire stadium chanting, “Ref. You. Suck!… Ref. You. Suck!…”

  • countertorque

    That was the least enjoyable blowout win I’ve ever watched. I was so irritated at the officiating that I could hardly enjoy the total domination of the Raiders on our way to being 7-3.

  • eddie

    re-watching the punch… the best part that i didn’t catch yesterday: who pulls kemo out from the fracas? sepulveda. yup. awesome.

    as willie colon comes onto the field to help walk ben off the field, they show a wide screen on tv of the fracas on the field… sepulveda is holding kemo’s jersey about 3yards back. meanwhile, along with all the big linemen you’d expect to see in the middle of all that, there’s #17 otp (wallace) in there as well. you see him even throw at #34 (SS mitchell). it looks like that happened right behind tomlin…

    well, if the big linemen won’t block for you, it’s nice to know they’ll at least fight for you…

  • eddie

    one more thing, after the punch, i didn’t really pay attention to the end of the half. very curious on tomlin’s part, and something that may show a real turn for our special teams…

    after the kickoff,
    1st-10 (1:20) campbell strip-sacked, then it’s almost one minute to next play?!?
    2nd-15 (0:23) mcfadden handoff STEELERS CALL TIMEOUT
    3rd-13 (0:17) campbell pass, stays in bounds STEELERS CALL TIMEOUT
    4th-7 (0:08) punt

    so, my conclusion is that with less than a minute in the half, with a 21-3 lead, tomlin managed the time at the end of the half IN ORDER TO GET A PUNT RETURN.

    this tells me a few things:
    (1) tomlin has new found faith in brown as punt returner
    (2) like the chragers playoff game a few years back, tomlin and everest must have found something with the way lechler outpunted his coverage and had thought they should be able to return one to the house (which they did, although with penalties)
    (3) maybe tomlin was just pissed at oakland and wanted to try to pile on

    i think that was a very interesting thing that i completely missed the first time i watched this, mostly because i was so pissed from the punch.

    • ryan


      I was screaming the same thing during the game yesterday. The only thing that comes of that is an injury. Turns out, one of the Raiders defenders blew out their knee, but I have no idea what Tomlin was thinking there.

  • David
  • RoB D

    Seymour gets fined 25 suspension.

    Get the picture? We have 2 sets of rules and the Steelers are on the wrong side of the fence. I can’t believe how blatantly they are targetting us for “iff-y” calls and letting the opposing team take out our franchise.