Steelers Lounge Podcast #17: Patriots-Steelers Recap — Mike Wallace

The Steelers got their asses handed to them Sunday night and we talk about it. For over an hour. That’s right, it’s a marathon podcast.

(Due to scheduling conflicts, Gretz and I got on the horn for 30 minutes and then JJ and I went another 45 minutes. Consider it free therapy. You’re welcome.)

Steelers Lounge Podcast #17: Patriots-Steelers Recap

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Anonymous

    Look here – – for encouragement.

  • Anonymous

    Just looked at next week’s schedule.

    Oakland is the only AFC team that Ben hasn’t beaten, a status they have had for over four years! Let’s get that taken care of already. (Reminder, that will only leave Atlanta. Maybe February.)

    Buffalo will probably win their second game. The Panthers, not so much.
    Rooting for Texans to recover.
    Rooting for Colts.

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  • Wildbill99

    I’m back and to tell you all that “think” (wish) Ben was a good QB Let me tell you again. Ben loses games.

    Blame Arians or whoever you want. Arinas sucks at OC but when he only has Ben to organize around ——well what can I say?

    Ben loses games ****** period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ********

    Stats huh????? let me put it this way———- the best darn carpenter i ever knew could cut more boards (perfect) and drive more nails than any other carpenter i know —however!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the end of the day he had built nothing with those stats. Just like ben

    and remember Ben didn’t do much to win either of those superbowls he wears a ring for now did he?

    Ben sucks

  • Bigswa

    1 hour – Wow – Woosahhh Baby WooooooSaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

  • Bigswa

    1 hour – Wow – Woosahhh Baby WooooooSaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh